07 Jan 2019

VIRTUAL IR, the most advanced function of DAVIEW LR by DAVANTIS

Virtual IR

DAVIEW LR is the only video surveillance software with specific algorithms for thermal cameras

When there’s a large area to protect, video analytics are the most reliable, cost-effective solution. DAVIEW LR is a DAVANTIS video surveillance system capable of covering long distances, enabling you to keep costs down and false alarms to a minimum. It incorporates advanced functions, making it a trusted solution for covering extensive areas and for protecting critical infrastructures.

VIRTUAL IR function

The Virtual IR succeeds in considerably improving the detection power of thermal cameras. Even in low contrast conditions, virtual IR acts like a virtual lens, improving contrast and detecting better at long distances. The result? An enormous reduction in the false alarm rate.

What’s more, DAVIEW LR is the only video surveillance software on the market that uses algorithms developed specifically for thermal cameras.

Our solutions are compatible with all the systems on the market and are highly intuitive, making them quick and easy to install. If you would like to learn more, download the technical specifications here, or visit our website to discover all our products.



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