Vídeo Análisis en Fábrica Heineken

Perimeter protection for the Heineken plant in Seville

DAVANTIS has been chosen to install video analysis systems to protect the perimeter of Heineken’s plant in Seville.

Once again, the company will deploy proprietary solutions to make these premises safer, based on its long experience in video analysis for perimeter security. This time, Davantis will install a new security video analysis system designed specifically for department stores, hypermarkets and industrial facilities in the Heineken brewery in Seville. Excellent solutions for demanding clients.

Heineken in Seville

Heineken’s brewery in Seville is equipped with some of Europe’s most advanced brewing technology. The plant opened in 2008 in La Caridad-Cañada de Pero Mingo (Seville), and replaced the old Cruz del Campo brewery created in 1904. This production plant turns out 450 million litres a year, the equivalent of eight million glasses of draft beer a day. Among its facilities is one of the biggest canning lines in Europe, with capacity to produce 90,000 cans every hour. Heineken is a leader in the Spanish beer sector and a giant in the food and beverage industry. It currently markets more than 250 brands of beer produced by 165 breweries in 70 countries.

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