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Repsol chooses DAVANTIS for its perimeter security

Repsol is a company that supplies all types of energy with a presence in more than 100 countries It is a global multi-energy provider, particularly of solar power, gas, and petroleum.

Case Study

Seguridad Perimetral Repsol

Among its objectives, Repsol has set itself the goal of reaching a net zero emissions company by 2050.

Investments in innovation have enabled the company to expand its operations worldwide, not only with distribution centres, but also through its photovoltaic, diesel and fuel-oil plants.

The need to ensure maximum security on its facilities, many of which are classed as critical infrastructures, prompted Repsol to launch a public tender for perimeter security management at its 16 gas plants in Spain.

Repsol, a multinational energy and petrochemical company

Seguridad Perimetral Repsol

Like all critical infrastructures, gas plants need effective systems to detect unauthorised persons around the perimeter.

As well as ensuring detection, the customer also needed a means to reduce the number of false positives triggered by factors such as heavy rain, animals, wind, and fog.

In these types of critical infrastructures, reliability is crucial to prevent break-ins. Theft, accidents, and sabotage.

The system also needed to be connected to the Repsol Surveillance and Monitoring Centres to combine real time technology with optimised costs and important levels of protection.

After a trial period during which DAVANTIS and other sector companies were subjected to some demanding efficiency tests, Repsol decided upon our video analytics systems to monitor perimeter security around its critical facilities with precision. Finally, the solution presented by Casmar and DAVANTIS proved to be the most dependable, while also offering a more integral solution.

A reliable system capable of detecting unauthorised persons at the perimeter

Seguridad Perimetral Repsol

After the public tender, our installer-partner Casmar won the contract by offering a mixed solution that combines our intelligent video analytics with security services.

Repsol installed more than 400 video analytics channels for this project to protect a total of 23 centres located nationwide.

The video analytics-based alarm systems allowed it to cover large distances with fewer resources. This has optimised costs and added precision to the detections.

Advanced functions were enabled for this project to enhance adaptation to the surrounding, intense working routines and inclement weather conditions.

Our technology ensures the highest possible detection rates while keeping false alarms to a minimum, streamlining the work of the control centres.

What’s more, our systems can be used to activate deterrents during the alarm verification process. This means that operators can act in just seconds in case of a real break-in.

In terms of the service, there are on-site security guards and a remote monitoring station to control and watch over a perimeter measuring more than 24 kilometres. Thanks to

The integration of easy-to-use DAVANTIS, guards have access to the images taken in real time and can check incidents they receive from our video analytics system in real time, optimising security resources.

DAVANTIS was the most dependable technology supplier in a tender with six leading video analytics solutions

Vídeo Análisis DFUSION

To be able to offer a thorough, integrated perimeter security service, a series of personal security rules was defined. Given the size of the project, and as experts in critical infrastructures, DAVANTIS participated in each state of the project, contributing its knowledge to the design, planning and commissioning of the system.

The result of this technology installation now provides effective perimeter protection for the gas plants.

DAVANTIS complied with the brief with maximum profitability and efficiency, ensuring the high security standards required by Repsol gas plants.

We define personalised security rules with excellent performance in early detection

Detección intrusiones vídeo análisis

Benefits for installers:

  • Quick, easy calibration and rule adjustment process
  • Highly intuitive configuration
  • Access to plentiful technical documentation
  • Lower installation and operating costs
  • Access to technical support and advice throughout the project
  • Total integration with ARCs, VMS and PSIM
Proceso de Verificación Alarmas

Benefits for end users:

  • Maximum reduction in false alarms
  • DAVANTIS APP: mobile phone app for support
  • Easy to operate
  • Maximum flexibility when configuring rules to cover any scenario
  • Lower costs
  • CPNI Certificate awarded by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, UK

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