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Siemens opts for DFUSION for its Perimeter Security

In all industrial plants, where the production never stops, it is essential to safeguard the facilities and their surroundings to protect workers as well as valuable equipment and machinery. Prestigious company Siemens now depends on the accuracy of DAVANTIS technology to manage its perimeter security system. Once again, our DFUSION Intelligent Analytics video technology is providing highly precise, real-time intrusion detection and a dramatic reduction in false alarms. Our partnership with IPSEC Engineering Sdn. BHD has led to the design and installation of an outdoor perimeter protection system for the main Customer Service building in Berjaya Park, Malaysia, where all types of repairs to heavy machinery (engines and generators) from throughout the region are carried out.

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Seguridad Perimetral Planta Industrial Siemens

Siemens Malaysia is a leading technology provider offering a full range of products and solutions for several markets in the Malaysian economy.

Siemens had made its debut foray into Malaysia through its first recorded sales in 1908. Since then, the company has grown alongside the economy and development of infrastructure of Malaysia.

The Siemens Customer Service Centre is one of the largest motor and generator repair facilities in the region.

With a build-up of 24,000 square feet, the purpose-built centre is equipped with modern facilities to provide high-quality repair, overhaul, rest, and diagnostics services.

Leading German Technology provider

Seguridad Perimetral Planta Industrial Siemens

In all industries, plants and equipment must run continuously at maximum productivity over their entire life cycle. Keeping machines in good order not only extends equipment life but it also keeps operators safe.

First established on the Bukit Raja, Shah Alam site back in 1996, the Siemens Customer Service Centre (formerly known as the Siemens Industrial Workshop Sdn Bhd) has relocated to Berjaya Park, which gives better access to nearby highways and is close to ports.

24/7 Perimeter security with low false alarm rates is key to reducing operating costs and improving the efficiency of security guards.

Seguridad Perimetral Planta Industrial Siemens

At the suggestion of DAVANTIS’ valued Malaysian partner, IPSEC Engineering Sdn. BHD, SIEMENS opted for DAVANTIS video analytics to protect its Service Centre as it offers an intelligent and highly reliable intruder detection system with among the lowest rates of false alarms in the market, with one of the lowest rates of false alarms in the market.

Seguridad Perimetral Planta Industrial Siemens

The DFUSION system protects the perimeter. The combination of Machine Learning and Deep Learning technology enables precise detection based on predefined rules to detect intrusions.

The calibration process is a breeze and setting up a DFUSION system is almost effortless. Fine-tuning false alarms to a minimum is possible with the different parameters that DAVANTIS offers.

The verification process – the patented Click-Thu technology – makes it simple for the guards to check alarms and make informed decisions to manage incidents in a matter of a few seconds on a single platform.

Powerful Rule-based analytics powered by the latest Deep-Learning Algorithms

Seguridad Perimetral Planta Industrial Siemens

Benefits for installers:

  • IPSEC Engineering benefited from DAVANTIS’ support from design through to installation to ensure the success of the project.
  • Using DAVANTIS systems means lower installation costs by reducing the number cameras needed as compared with any other alternative.
  • This technology is compatible with all camera manufacturers, enabling IPSEC Engineering to select the CCTV equipment best suited to its general needs and requirements.
Seguridad Perimetral Planta Industrial Siemens

Benefits for end users:

  • More reliable, effective security with a low rate of false alarms. When it detects an intruder, DAVANTIS video analytics automatically raises the alarm so that security staff can take action instantly.
  • Lower operating costs. Fewer security guards are required per shift to monitor the site.

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CPNI Certification

Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure

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