Vídeo Análisis en Concesionario Superwagen

Superwagen chooses DAVANTIS for its perimeter security

The largest official Audi and Volkswagen dealer in Spain uses DAVANTIS video analysis systems to ensure perimeter security on its facilities. Our smart technology has been installed to ensure security and optimise operational costs. They can be fully integrated with your security guard service to detect intruders near the site in record time for all-around control and protection of the fleet of vehicles.

Case Study

Seguridad Perimetral en Concesionario Superwagen

Superwagen is the largest official Audi and Volkswagen dealership in Barcelona.

Superwagen has been in business for more than 20 years, driven by a passion for motoring and vehicles.

The firm’s founder, Juan Fernández, was a well-known, successful racing driver.

His enthusiasm for the automobile world prompted him to create Superwagen more than 20 years ago. What started life as a small Volkswagen dealership has developed into a 10,000 m2 operation.

Official Audi and Volkswagen dealership

Seguridad Perimetral en Concesionario Superwagen

The size of this group, coupled with the intrinsic characteristics of car dealerships, presented this security project with several challenges.

Superwagen keeps a large stock of vehicles, which are stored in both indoor and outdoor areas on its premises.

Our customer needed to protect numerous dealerships, each with its own specific problems, the most significant issue being detection of unwanted intrusions.

Any kind of damage to the vehicles would be extremely damaging to Superwagen.

Protection of numerous Superwagen dealerships

Seguridad Perimetral en Concesionario Superwagen

Superwagen trusts DAVANTIS video analytics systems to protect its infrastructures. This has given the dealership a fast, efficient, reliable intruder detection system.

The DAVANTIS video analytics system can be connected to any alarm panel in the market and is armed and disarmed just like a conventional alarm system.

Seguridad Perimetral en Concesionario Superwagen

Twelve cameras were installed to protect the entire perimeter from unauthorised intruders.

In this case, our Daview S video analytics solution was chosen, a powerful, efficient detection system compatible with any CMS.

12-channel Daview S connected to CMS

Seguridad Perimetral en Concesionario Superwagen

Benefits for installers:

  • DAVANTIS provided on-site advice and support during start-up, making the necessary adjustments and configuring the system with the customer’s own technical staff to ensure correct functioning.
  • Installing the necessary cameras on the façade for use with the DAVANTIS system meant lower installation costs than any other alternative without this option.
  • Technology compatible with any camera manufacturer, enables installers to select the CCTV equipment manufacture best suited to its general needs and requirements.
Seguridad Perimetral en Concesionario Superwagen

Benefits for end users:

  • Connecting the system to a CMS gives far more rapid response in case of real alarms with our exclusive clickthutm technology, making it a unique, simple, efficient system integrated in control centres, CMS and PSIM.
  • Once the intrusion has been verified, the system allows remote activation of deterrents such as lights and audio recordings, proactive measures for guaranteed peace of mind.

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