Vídeo Análisis Concesionario Grupo Vardí

Vardí Group chooses DAVANTIS for its perimeter security

Logistics centres loading and unloading facilities require efficient perimeter security systems to keep unwanted visitors attempting to enter the site to steal or destroy property out. In the case of the Vardí Group, a Colombian company that distributes and sells vehicles and heavy machinery, having a smart perimeter security system is a priority. Our DAVIEW S video analytics technology has not only perfected the security system, but it has helped to solve two major problems: reducing the high rate of false alarms and solve the space problem that arises when installing perimeter control devices.

Case Study

Seguridad perimetral Grupo Vardí

The Vardí Group is a world-class Colombian company with over 60 years of experience in the domestic market. It works in the mobility and productivity areas, diversified in the distribution and sale of vehicles, machinery, and related businesses, focused on generating sustainable value and well-being for the country.

The Vardí group has broad experience in efficient imports, marketing and distribution of vehicles and equipment, after-sales service, spare parts, financing, formalities, and insurance.

Through Distribuidora Nissan, the Vardí Group markets the Nissan brand and sells and leases New Holland, Haulotte, Unicarriers and Topcon industrial machinery.

In the aftermarket, it has an extensive, nationwide network of spare parts, accessories, and workshops.

Through Com Automotriz S.A., it markets the Changan brand and deals in used vehicles of all brands.

Through its Vardí Insurance Agency, it offers policies and mandatory insurance and finances new vehicles with its Disícar strategy.

This established business group has supports a workforce of more than 2,700, inspiring confidence and development wherever it operates.

A leading vehicle distribution and marketing company

Seguridad perimetral Grupo Vardí

Our customer needed perimeter protection to prevent and warn of possible intrusions. The existing system had been managed with photoelectric barriers with two intrinsic drawbacks: endless false alarms and lack of space. The latter was a major problem since, to be properly installed, the photoelectric barriers needed to be installed 1.5 metres behind the wire fence.

The system was a major problem for the car distribution firm, so it was decided to opt for video analytics solutions based on artificial intelligence.

These solutions allow real-time video verification, maximum detection, notification, and immediate response by monitoring stations.

DAVANTIS supplied a system to streamline and improve our operator’s response and improve security for our customers”. Fredy Leon Bustos, Colviseg Electronic Security Manager.

Seguridad perimetral Grupo Vardí

In this case, Oscar Gutierrez Suarez, a project engineer at private security company Colviser, opted for our video analytics solution with artificial intelligence. This meant that the cameras that did not occupy valuable space became security guards to detect, notify and react to trespassers in just a few seconds, triggering deterrent measures in the event of real intrusion.

Seguridad perimetral Grupo Vardí

In the initial project, ten cameras were installed with video analytics technology from the Daview S range. The installation was carried out at a Cali headquarters in Colombia.

The security system for perimeter protection is connected to the COLVISEG monitoring centre, integrated into the MONIPLUS alarm management software. The technology in DAVANTIS solutions is fully compatible and integrates seamlessly with any make of hardware. DAVANTIS sets you free to design the best CCTV installation. We integrate with all CRA, VMS and PSIM.

Total freedom to design the best CCTV installation

Seguridad perimetral Grupo Vardí

Benefits for installers:

  • Quick, easy calibration and rule adjustment process
  • Highly intuitive system configuration
  • Access to a wealth of technical documentation
  • Advice and technical support at all stages of the project
Seguridad perimetral Grupo Vardí

Benefits for end users:

  • Maximum reduction in false alarms
  • DAVANTIS APP: Support application in the mobile
  • Easy operation
  • Maximum flexibility in setting rules to cover any scenario

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