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How easy is it for your operators to verify video alarms?

Even when you receive accurate outdoor video detection alarms, the speed and simplicity with which an operator verifies and responds to such an alarm, is often the determining factor in successfully averting damage or loss. There are options on the market that will present video analytic alarms to your operators, in your existing alarm management interface (with which your operators are already familiar). This reduces the need to train operators on more interfaces, and makes it easier when new staff are trained.


Any video alarm should also immediately present a single video image, with a bounding box highlighting the cause (trigger) of the alarm, to an operator. Without this highlighting feature, your operator will waste valuable time trying to determine where in the image, the intrusion occurred – and may at times even dismiss the alarm as false. But if they are presented with a clear bounding box around the object that triggered the alarm, they can easily make an informed decision about the authenticity of the alarm (is it a human, is it a vehicle – or something else). And if the object in the bounding box is very small, or difficult to classify, the operator should be able to pull a short video clip, or to access on-site cameras live, with a single mouse-click – for even better verification.

We cover various aspects of video monitoring as a service, with specific focus on outdoor video detection and monitoring, in a 9-part series. Watch out for the next post!

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