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Perimeter security through video image analytics

DAVANTIS was founded in 2005 at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. We have spent a decade performing research and development into video analytics-based perimeter security solutions.

Our high level of specialisation and experience have made us experts, with more than 30% of our team devoted to developing new solutions with proprietary technology compatible with all existing security systems.

  • Our mission

    We commit to making your property secure. We always promise high quality standards, and we are 100% invested to ensure that all your projects are a success.

  • We make it happen

    We specialise entirely in perimeter protection.
    We ensure accurate, effective security for critical sites. We use artificial learning and intelligence technologies.
    We are there to advise you throughout the project.

  • International renown

    More than 10,000 km (6,000 mi) of perimeter monitored with channels installed in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Why video analytics?

Highly effective protection for complex sites and critical infrastructures

More effective than
passive systems

While traditional technologies and passive-type systems do prevent some intrusions, they also trigger large numbers of unverifiable false alarms. Video analytics systems minimise false alarms and simplify the verification process.


Our video analytics software uses specific algorithms to provide maximum detection for complicated perimeters and critical infrastructures.


Our systems are easy and intuitive to install. Once programmed, false alarms are few and alarms can be verified quickly. Our systems have machine learning capabilities that recognise environmental factors like changing light conditions, moving shadows and clouds, rain, plants and other objects blowing in the wind, even insects and birds flying across monitored areas.


Video analytics reduce the typical operational and maintenance costs of overly-complex alarm verification processes

Operating successfully around the world

Achieving success while gaining experience

We have systems to cover every need: logistics centres, airports, photovoltaic plants, military installations, critical infrastructures, factories, universities, power plants, museums, etc.

  • Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi
    Installation of security systems DAVANTIS
    to guarantee the protection of the museum.
    More than 400 surveillance cameras in a total perimeter of 24,000 m2.

  • Photovoltaic plant in Atacama, Chile
    Perimeter protection to cover large areas of land with fewer resources.

  • Airport in the UK
    Maximum security in critical infrastructures around the world.

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DAVANTIS quality policy

We work in a dynamic, pleasant environment... that translates into satisfaction for our customers and distributors.

We earn our customers’ loyalty by providing... high-tech, efficient, economically competitive and excellent after-sales service that exceeds expectations.

We provide the market... with innovative technology for video analytics based on computer vision algorithms.

We make continual improvements to... our designs, and manufacturing and marketing processes that enable us to grow in volume of activity and to achieve our objectives.

We comply with the legal... and regulatory requirements of our activity.