Perimeter Security in Logistics Centres

  • 03 Aug 2022
  • by davantiseditor

You need to design a CCTV perimeter security system while optimising costs and minimising the risk of non-detection. But how?

Security and safety requirements in the logistics sector are varied and require effective solutions. Otherwise, losses can amount to millions of dollars. At DAVANTIS, we have a long history of managing security at major logistics centres worldwide, monitoring goods and vehicles, and warehouses containing consumer goods and electronics with a high turnover. Our DFUSION video analytics technology is incredibly precise, filters out false alarms, and optimises operational and installation costs, making it an incredible tool for logistics centres.

How to increase perimeter accuracy and security in logistics

  • Identify entrances, exits and dead zones
  • Position CCTV cameras in strategic areas
  • Carefully calibrate your CCTV cameras
  • Integrate a video analysis system with deterrents
  • Configure personnel and vehicle entry/exit rules
  • Integration with ARC, VMS, and PSIM platforms for the ideal mix of resources for on-site security teams and staff
  • Tailor the installation to the environment (climate, animals, etc.)
  • Around-the-clock camera and image monitoring by surveillance personnel (at headquarters and on patrols and on-site)

Because of their characteristics, designing security systems for logistics centres means considering several aspects of the site. First, these centres tend to be large and sprawling (sometimes divided into multiple loading/unloading areas and numerous distributed warehouses), and with such a constant flow of people, they need a video analysis system to create custom rules to prevent false alarms. Moreover, these sites are often on the outskirts of urban areas, alongside roads, ports or simply in low-light, open areas.
Thanks to DFUSION technology, which analyses more images (regardless of image quality) more quickly, security personnel always have access to real-time images for decision-making and triggering the protocols in place. This optimises operational costs by not sending out patrols in low-risk situations. Furthermore, our video analytics systems give you the freedom to design any installation, even in tricky areas with irregular perimeters, ensuring compatibility and easy integration with all types of hardware and alarm management platforms (ARC, VSM and PSIM) to effectively combine with any Safety Plan and achieve high standards of protection.
Are you looking for the logistics sector's best perimeter video analysis solution? Are you searching for a technology partner for end-to-end perimeter security management in warehouses and logistics distribution centres? You just found us.

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