Vídeo Análisis Perimetral en Centros Logísticos
Seguridad Perimetral en Centros Logísticos


Adaptación al entorno

Adaptable to the surroundings

Videovigilancia contínua 24/7

24/7 video surveillance

Integración CRAs, PSIM y VMS

CMS, PSIM and VMS integration

Perimeter Security for Logistics Centres

Logistics centres occupy huge sites where constant flows of people, goods and vehicles enter and leave. Moreover, they tend to be on the outskirts of urban areas, leaving them vulnerable to thieves and vandals. That’s why they need smart video surveillance systems to identify intruders quickly and address dangers occurring at entrances and loading and unloading bays to prevent significant economic losses. The secret to an efficient perimeter security system in logistics is full integration with alarm management platforms and in-situ security guards for alarm verification patrols in real-time.

Elementos disuasorios

Deterrent strategy

Integrating video analytics with deterrent measures is a brilliant perimeter security tactic. That’s why DFUSION ensures full integration with IP spotlights, loudspeakers and other equipment.

Verificación alarmas en rondas

Alarm verification on patrol

The combination of video analytics technology and security guard services can increase the level of protection through alarm verification during patrols.

Precisión de detección

Staff movements

Constant flows of people and lorries make it necessary to create personalised rules to adapt to the pace of activity on the site and avoid triggering false alarms.

Videovigilancia contínua sin zonas ciegas

Irregular perimeters and false alarms

Our video analytics systems adapt to all types of complex installations to give extensive detection coverage. In addition, our versatile video analytics systems cover significant distances.

APP para gestión de múltiples cámaras

App for managing numerous cameras

To make the most of your security guards’ time, we have a free app that allows them to monitor all the CCTV cameras uninterruptedly and easily. This gives even better protection against thieves and vandals.

Image analysis: more and better

Thanks to DFUSION’s advanced functions, staff can continuously analyse more images per second, filtering out false positives with maximum precision, optimising costs and streamlining the work of surveillance teams.

Análisis de imágenes: más y mejor
Monitorización 24/7 en tiempo real

Around the clock, real-time monitoring

The system gives real-time access to images through our video analytics, which can be monitored and dealt with effectively to optimise costs and improve protection quality. There’s no better way to help Alarm Receiving Centres manage security protocols with success.

Real detections

portada video
DFUSION · Perimeter Security: Heavy rain? Poor lighting?
portada video
DFUSION · Intruder Detection long distances daylight
portada video
Detection Person at Industrial Warehouse during night
portada video
Intruder Detection in the night with Street Lights
portada video
Real Detection Person Jumping Fence at Night with Street Lights
portada video
Real Detection Person at Residential Propiety with Infrared Lighting Night