WE STRENGTHEN perimeter security systems

Why Video Analytics?

Video analytics makes security and perimeter systems much more robust than using other technologies or products.

Other technologies will provide some security, and passive systems can put off the opportunist, but only at the cost of myriad false alarms.

Systems that incorporate video analytics can detect precisely what you need to guard against over very big surfaces and over long ranges. Enabled systems are very difficult to avoid as they can cover a very large portion of the site being guarded and, explicitly, guard against movements in areas where there should be none, or not of that type (behavioural), or not at specified times (outside office hours).

Properly programmed (with DAVANTIS systems this is a simple, intuitive task) not only are alarm triggers almost never false, but they can always be verified. Furthermore, Davantis-enabled systems come with machine learning capabilities that take account of changes in the environment, such as variations in light, shadow movements, cloud movements, periods of rain, plants and objects blowing in the wind, changing seasons, even insects and birds flying across monitored areas.

Video analytics quite simply reduces the cost of ownership caused by inadequate monitoring (leading to damage or theft) and/or false alarms (increasing labour and personnel costs) and the transmission and storage of unnecessary data.





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