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Critical infrastructure
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Extensive coverage with maximum precision

Airport sites have huge open areas that call for cost-effective, reliable critical infrastructure protection measures. As part of a video surveillance system, video analytics is the best option for covering large areas.

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Consequences of unauthorised access

Preventing outsiders from gaining access to restricted areas is crucial. Our advanced technology combines algorithms that merge the appearance and movement of images for incredibly accurate detection while avoiding non-detections.

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Integration and Coordination

DAVANTIS video analytics solutions integrate with all types of alarm management platforms. As a result, they represent an exponential improvement to the protection provided by airport perimeter security systems and comply with the applicable security laws.

icono Inclement weather

Inclement weather

Airports tend to be located in isolated areas with challenging geographical features, far from residential districts, and exposed to harsh weather conditions. Therefore, DFUSION adapts to the circumstances for precise security system calibration.

Image Reduces costs while ensuring maximum security

Reduces costs while ensuring maximum security

Among the areas to consider when designing a security strategy are car parks, runways, storage facilities and workshops on sites inside perimeters of up to 50 km. These secondary areas present a security risk that requires coverage by security personnel. This is where video analytics, combined with other technologies, can make all the difference.

Image Total integration

Total integration with all CMS, VMS and PSIM

Our CCTV video analytics software gives security teams real-time access to images from CCTV cameras, streamlining the alarm verification process. There is simply no better critical infrastructure protection solution for perimeter security at airports.

Image More, better image analysis

More, better image analysis

We continuously and precisely monitor a massive quantity of images per second. What’s more, even poor-quality images can be used with this system. Moreover, DFUSION even analyses images in rainy and foggy conditions, and at night, for effective outdoor perimeter protection.

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Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure