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Davantis Technologies have been at the cutting edge of video analytics, becoming a Davantis customer will help you stay ahead in the fight against security threats to your business. Since its foundation in 2005, our focus on creating video analysis algorithms and software development makes us unique in the video surveillance industry.

We design all our own video analytics products and we have a greater proportion of our personnel dedicated solely to the field of video analytics.

Davantis systems can be incorporated into any video camera surveillance set-up, whether new or existing, analogue or IP, visible light or thermal, and can be integrated with any hardware manufacturer.

We use highly sophisticated proprietary algorithms to provide unbeatably accurate and effective automatic monitoring and notification of actual threat detection so you can better protect your business, your property – and your livelihood.

These algorithms also provide artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities which adapt to programmed changes automatically.

The result is you get the most robust and accurate total security on the market today with the lowest false alarm rates in the industry.

Other Davantis benefits are the cost savings that come from easy-to-integrate and easy-to-maintain systems, simple and intuitive programming for fast set-up and operation, and a reduction in the number of staff needed to view and react to video camera screens.

At Davantis we design all our video analysis and perimeter protection products with our own technology. Davantis video analytics systems can be incorporated into any new or existing video surveillance infrastructure with analog or IP cameras, either visible or thermal, and can be integrated with any hardware manufacturer.

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