Long Range for Thermal and DAY/NIGHT Cameras



Large perimeters protection

Davantis Daview LR is a powerful video analytics system designed for the connection of thermal imaging and visible cameras.

This video analytics system is ideal for large-scale areas of security functions and external properties with security guards, with either their own control room, or a link to a CMS (central monitoring station).

Because of the variety of lenses available on Thermal cameras it is possible to monitor larger distances with fewer cameras.

The master slave network Model allows easy management and configuration once all the units are configured on the network.

By default, the analytics server is equipped with 8 inputs to connect the alarm panel and simultaneously arm and disarm the entire system or specific areas.

The analytics server has the option of sounding the alarm with relay outputs for connecting external devices, such as a siren or lights, which can be activated by private security guards or by linking to a CMS.

The relays may also be used as Contact ID to send to a CMS.

The high performance of this video analytics system is particularly suitable for demanding customers seeking an effective solution. It is one of the most powerful perimeter protection systems on the market.

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At Davantis we design all our video analysis and perimeter protection products with our own technology. Davantis video analytics systems can be incorporated into any new or existing video surveillance infrastructure with analog or IP cameras, either visible or thermal, and can be integrated with any hardware manufacturer.

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