29 Mar 2021

DAVANTIS protects the FoodXervices Logistics Hub in Singapore

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DAVANTIS is celebrating the installation of our video analytics system in Singapore to optimise perimeter security on the city’s port facilities. This time, FoodXervices Inc., one of Singapore’s leading food distributors, is relying on DAVIEW S to control its perimeter and ensure efficient detection of trespassers with an incredibly low rate of false alarms.

What the client needed 

After moving to new premises in the south-western part of Singapore island to a seven-storey industrial building with an automated storage and picking system, the client needed to protect the site and reduce the risk of theft. Also, the site is on the banks of the Pandan River. Its location makes it subject to a Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore regulation that protects the coast from unauthorised entry by foreigners using the river.

False positives were another major problem because birds and small animals, particularly cats, often triggered the alarm. Our solution has succeeded in filtering a total of 90% of these false alarms.

Port facilities are frequently targets for vandals and thieves, hence the need for a robust perimeter security system. This is always a priority for companies based in ports. DAVANTIS video analytics technology guarantees efficient control, detecting unauthorised intruders and providing system operators with precise information that separates false positives from real trespassers.

Perimeter security for port facilities

Given the location of FoodXervices Inc. warehouses in Singapore, there was an urgent need to ensure maximum protection and perimeter security using the best resources. This food company has a customer portfolio of more than 5,000 businesses, including the best hotels, restaurants, airlines, cafeterias, and fast-food chains.

FoodXervices Inc. keeps a large stock of imported products from the United State, Europe, and other Asian origins; therefore, intruder control to prevent theft and vandalism is essential to avoid stock issues and delayed orders. The company is in the throes of expansion and is establishing its leadership in the food supplies market in Singapore and Asia.

After moving into new buildings on the banks of the River Pandan in south-eastern Singapore, FoodXervices Inc. needed to protect its industrial storage unit and inventory from thieves and intruders. One of FoodXervices’ priority was to reduce the number of false alarms because the previous system was often triggered by the birds and small animals that live on the coast. Now, with six DAVIEW S systems combined with the Zentech Solutions Pte. Ltd integrator, the false alarm rate has been reduced by 90%.

Video analytics: fewer false alarms

The synergies between DAVANTIS and Zentech Solutions technologies have given FoodXervices Inc. a perimeter security system based on real-time video analytics capable of dealing with all incidents instantly. The premises are now protected around the clock, freeing up security staff – guards and patrols – who no longer have to investigate false alarms. Get more information about the installation and its specifications in our downloadable!

Looking for a technology partner to optimise your perimeter security system? Contact DAVANTIS and discover everything our video analytics solutions can do!

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