07 Jun 2023

Onsecur and DAVANTIS: ready for any security challenge

Onsecur confía en el vídeo análisis DFUSION

DAVANTIS and Onsecur have been working together on perimeter security projects for years. Throughout this period, we have produced solutions to all types of security demands. Solutions where our intelligent video analytics system has achieved high standards of precision and protection. Onsecur’s commitment to state-of-the-art technology solutions has allowed us to form a close bond. We have a trusted partner to market and install video surveillance equipment. That’s why we are always happy to work shoulder-to-shoulder on projects and in numerous sectors.

DFUSION, technological efficiency

Considering the challenges facing Onsecur’s clients, we have created a strategic tandem where Onsecur’s experts collaborate with our technicians on each project to raise security standards to the max. This makes it easier to overcome obstacles to efficient control and protection.

DAVANTIS is the number one player. At least they are an enormous benchmark for us, mainly because of the system’s detection capacity and the ability to work with all the server’s algorithms, volumetrics, and rules. We are incredibly pleased with the relationship and comfortable with the team. We have worked on projects from start to finish, from achieving all our objectives and enjoying great success,” says Ramón Palou, CEO of Onsecur.

Onsecur always looking for the best technology

Onsecur works with innovative, disruptive technologies to make all its perimeter security projects successful. However, the challenge of using video analytics in surveillance is complicated by the need to adapt to the surroundings. Managing outdoor security requires intruder detection systems that can achieve their exponential maximum in difficult low-light situations, adverse weather conditions, and roaming animals, among others, without letting any intruders slip through the net.

Unlike traditional video analytics systems, DAVANTIS has two detection engines that ensure that the artificial intelligence-based surveillance systems never miss a detection, even at long distances and in complex conditions, regardless of the weather and other hindrances.

We had seen that more traditional, everyday outdoor detection solutions are vulnerable or inefficient, and we wanted something better. That was our starting point and a requirement and fundamental premise for protecting our clients. DAVANTIS satisfies these requirements, and it does so thoroughly,” said Ramón.

With DAVANTIS, we have all the tools we need to tackle any security requirement

Ramón Palou, CEO of ONSECUR

Innovation, our DNA

DAVANTIS and Onsecur share the same corporate values, where innovation and technological excellence become our main pillars. Onsecur’s objective is to guarantee the highest security standards, requiring our video analytics systems to integrate effectively with any alarm management platform (ARC, PSIM, VSM) and different hardware developers.

DAVANTIS gives us everything we need because versatility and compatibility with the equipment are essential (…) to act efficiently. That means adapting to existing the structures and systems on which we devise our improvement plans ”, says Onsecur.

More than a decade of sharing our commitment and knowledge through collaborations… And at DAVANTIS, we are delighted to have a partner like Onsecur. So, here’s to a great future together!



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