08 Oct 2020

The challenges of outdoor perimeter security

Blog Aranya Deteccion

You can’t control everything! You can design an excellent product, take care of all the details, install good lighting, the best equipment and security cameras, configure the system with maximum precision but… what happens if spiders and insects decide to make their homes in your cameras? If you have a good video analytics system, this shouldn’t be a problem.
Perimeter security problems present many challenges that need to be addressed to guarantee perimeter security. Insects can cause serious problems by triggering false alarms in many installations.  Every day, central monitoring stations receive countless false alarms, owners are disturbed, and law enforcement agencies and private surveillance companies’ time is wasted.
DAVANTIS has the first video analytics software to combine analytical power with the most precise Deep Learning technology on the market, capable of detecting small objects moving coherently under all conditions. This software has enabled us to achieve an unprecedentedly low rate of false alarms in the sector.
DFUSION  is an essential resource for addressing this challenge. It provides a quick, easy way of checking alerts and speeds up alarm management. The operator always knows what has triggered the alarm and can act in a matter of seconds, avoiding false alarms and disturbing owners unnecessarily.
In the next video, we’ll show you how DAVANTIS video analytics technology does nothing when a spider invades the camera’s field of vision but triggers an alarm the moment an intruder moves in the scene, recording the moment for verification by the central monitoring station.
For more information, request a demo, and we’ll show you how it works!




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