27 Mar 2024

Security Equipment Supply (SES): New Partner in the United States

video analytics SES Team

At DAVANTIS, we are always seeking new opportunities to expand the reach of our perimeter video analytics solutions. In this quest, we have partnered with SES (Security Equipment Supply) out of St.Louis, Missouri USA.

We are excited to announce our collaboration with this leading security equipment distributor in the United States, marking a significant milestone in our expansion drive. Once again, DAVANTIS celebrates another strategic partnership with the aim of providing effective perimeter security solutions through SES’ extensive branch network, providing exceptional design experience and technical support. Together, we can meet the security demands for projects in any sector.

About SES – Effective Security

As an independent wholesale provider of innovative and comprehensive security solutions, SES stands out for its exceptional customer service, backed by a commitment and professionalism that place it as one of the industry leaders. Its extensive experience in the security sector and its ability to offer cutting-edge technologies to its customers, resulted in this strategic alliance between DAVANTIS and SES.

SES has an extensive network of distribution branches across the country, offering technologies and advice for security and low-voltage projects of all sizes. Utilizing our synergies, we are capable of meeting the demanding standards for outdoor protection across various industries.

About Davantis – AI Video Analytics for Perimeter Protection

Together with SES, we share the same goal: delivering the ideal outdoor protection solution for any type of perimeter or outdoor area.

Our mission is to offer effective perimeter protection, guaranteeing early detection of intruders in real-time, with maximum reduction of false alarms. DFUSION, our AI-driven analytics solution with two detection engines, enables us to detect unwanted intrusions, even in challenging environments with long distances, and low visibility. This makes DFUSION the perfect option to detect, alert, and proactively respond to incidents by deploying preventive measures (such as sounding a siren, triggering a strobe-light and enabling voice-down when connected to a monitoring provider). Now you can prevent crime, rather than just record it.

SES dealers now have access to a product that turns their security cameras into proactive security guards. DFUSION is 100% compatible with all brands of security cameras and alarm automation platforms, PSIM, and VSM.

We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with SES, a company that shares our values of commitment to security, technology, and customer service. We look forward to a future defined by innovation, excellence, and unwavering commitment to protecting what matters most. And to a fruitful partnership for many years to come.



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