28 Jan 2022

See you at the Silmar Electronics Roadshow!

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We’ll be back on the road in 2022, taking part in the various Silmar Roadshows between the months of February and April. It’s a great international opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with top names in the security and technology development sector and take a break from our daily routines to share new sector development in the US Security market.

Our host and partner, Silmar Electronics, has operated in the security sector for decades and is a major independent distributor of security systems, fire alarms, CCTV, access control, home automation and A / V systems in the United States. Their expertise and extensive portfolio of security products have made them a security industry benchmark. And now their partnership with DAVANTIS offers you access to the best CCTV video analytics systems, as well as to our exceptional technical support.

Although the year has just begun, we have already launched new video analytics solutions to meet our customers’ requirements. We know that installations are unique and have different characteristics, so it is necessary to offer versatile technological solutions that can be adapted to all kinds of needs to achieve high standards of efficiency and profitability.

Our great commitment is to consolidate and expand our DFUSION range to offer a solution for each type of project, developing intelligent functionalities to perfect perimeter security systems. Our DFUSION Mini, DFUSION and DFUSIONPRO are all highly effective video analytics solutions that guarantee accurate and fast detection of intruders, with a drastic reduction in false and/or nuisance alarms. Plus it works with any brand of security camera.

Now you CAN protect your customer’s outdoor assets without getting all those annoying false video-analytic alarms. It will give you and your customers total peace-of-mind, because intrusions can be visually verified before dispatching law enforcement.

We are delighted to participate in the Silmar Roadshow, where we will share and discuss the future of the perimeter security sector and technological advances in the video analytics field. We are looking forward to these meetings with industry professionals such as installers, end-users, distributors and many more.

We look forward to meeting with you. See you there!



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