06 Mar 2019

DAVANTIS integrates Bosch systems

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DAVANTIS events can now be received on your Bosch VMS system.

From now on, you can use DAVANTIS security video analytics with your Bosch VMS system as a result of the integration of both companies. The Bosch video system is an IP video security solution that provides efficient digital video and audio management through any IP network.

DAVANTIS specialises entirely in video analytics for perimeter security. We have spent more than ten years working with avant-garde technologies and algorithms to improve the performance of your cameras and obtain precise results in terms of security.

Bosch VMS technical specifications

  • DAVANTIS intruder alarms.
  • Access to images, live camera data, recordings and video recovery.
  • DAVANTIS technical alarm.
  • DAVANTIS plugin with advanced characteristics.

System requirements

  • Bosch: Video Management System version 5.0 or higher.
  • DAVANTIS: DAVIEW V164 or higher.

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