21 Sep 2021

New integration with Security Control Monitoring System from ATTIA

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DAVANTIS knows that perimeter security is crucial, so our technology R&D team continuously adds new integrations with security control and video surveillance management platforms. Our Intelligent Analytics video software uses technology that is compatible with all alarm management software, CRA, VMS and PSIM. In this case, our video analysis solutions integrate 100% with the Security Control Monitoring System from ATTIA to boost ROI in perimeter security management by reducing false alarms and facilitating real-time management of multiple installations.

ATTIA software is a fast, easy-to-manage surveillance system. The platform is ideal for efficiently managing your sites. SCMS works on cloud and is designed specifically to operate convenient and simple event handling. With this software you can better manage your customers by the groups method we have developed over the years. Each user gets a group of customers to handle them, this option lets your security system be the best for your clients.

The new integration with our video analysis software ensures that events are sent with maximum precision to reduce the number of false alarms. DAVANTIS refines the alarm verification and resolution process, giving security real-time access to images of all kinds of incidents and the ability to activate call-out protocols and deterrents measures, among other options.

The perimeter security industry relies on state-of-the-art technology to maximise early detection of intruders and effective alarm verification. Our DFUSION video analytics software for perimeter security combined with ATTIA is an effective combination of technologies. Do you use Smart Security Systems from ATTIA for security management? Test DFUSION! Request your Free Demo.




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