24 May 2022

Kronos NET, new integration with DFUSION

To ensure maximum reliability, efficient processing and great value, DAVANTIS works tirelessly to ensure that our video analytics solutions integrate perfectly with all makes of hardware and surveillance software. That’s why we have made our DFUSION and DAVIEW solutions fully compatible and simple to integrate, with superior functions and services for CMS, VMS and PSIM platforms. This time, we are pleased to announce that we now integrate with Kronos NET alarm monitoring software, obtaining huge benefits in terms of alarm management and cost effectiveness. 


Kronos NET desktop software desktop has been developed by Next!. The programme is suitable for integral, automated management of monitoring stations, with video surveillance, image management, reaction, and supervision patrols. This all-round monitoring is controlled with a single application, improving flexibility and efficiency in alarm monitoring centres. 

Next! is a company that has been designing and developing technological solutions in the security sector over 20 years, integrating different sources of data followed by transfer, storage, processing and visualising information. 

Kronos NET is versatile and offers comprehensive solutions for perfect integration with our DFUSION video analytics solutions. This technological integration significantly improves all perimeter security installations. DFUSION deep learning-based algorithms analyses massive numbers of images per seconds, regardless of image quality. What’s more, our combination of movement and appearance make for more precise detections and drastically reduce false alarms. The monitoring station has real-time access to images, leading to optimised costs and increasing the protection and security ratios. 

Do you use Kronos NET by Nex! in your video surveillance systems? Learn how to integrate DFUSION and ramp up efficiency and reduce costs in your security projects! Request your free demo here.

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