03 Aug 2022

Take control of your security systems with our app

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DAVANTIS provides end-to-end perimeter security solutions through intelligent video analytics technology solutions and smart, intuitive tools that improve the efficiency of CCTV installations to unprecedented levels.

The DAVANTIS app is packed with brilliant features that give remote access to your system so you can perform all kinds of actions quickly and intuitively.

The upgraded app gives access to numerous features available with our state-of-the-art technology. Here is a taste of the latest innovations:

Full screen: Check CCTV video clips, images and alerts on your device in full-screen mode for a detailed view of events and incidents on your site.  

Share Option: Share alarms quickly and easily via email, WhatsApp and all your messaging services. Activate security protocols and stay in constant touch with control centres and security patrols. Our app makes it easy to share clips and images in real-time.

The app you need

We know every CCTV system is different, and each site has different needs. With the free DAVANTIS APP, installers, security staff and owners have remote access to systems and can do whatever they need to with a simple click.




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