07 Jan 2022


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Our mission was clear: to provide a smart video analytics solution for efficient perimeter security management. The most recent addition to our range of video analytics software –  DFUSION Mini – encompasses the latest developments in artificial intelligence. Now, existing and new video surveillance systems for industrial estates, buildings and homes can include the most sophisticated technology on the market, guaranteeing quick detection of security breaches and a drastic reduction in false alarms without missing a single event. In addition, DFUSION MINI offers cost-effectiveness and a total peace-of-mind for users.

Advantages of DFUSION MINI

  • DFUSION technology with two detection engines to protect against security breaches
  • Easy to integrate with all Alarm Receiving Centres
  • Compatible with all makes of hardware
  • Quick, easy configuration (less than five minutes per camera)
  • Massive reduction in false alarms
  • Total freedom when designing CCTV systems
  • Smart detection to protect from sabotage

Looking for a smart video analytics system for small sites? Try DFUSION MINI! Request your Free Demo.


Why choose DFUSION MINI?

Our MINI solution has all the technical power of DFUSION – Certified by CPNI – and delivers full control and surveillance by integrating easily with all Alarm Monitoring Stations (AMS). DFUSION Mini is so versatile that it is compatible with all types of CCTV architectures and brands of hardware. Additionally, it is extremely simple to install and configure, so that you can benefit from all its power and accuracy in just five minutes, creating a rigorous perimeter control system that monitors critical points in business and residential properties.

If you need a CCTV system that offers maximum precision to detect people, objects, vehicles, and sabotage, remember that DFUSION MINI is the best video analytics technology for residential properties, businesses, industrial units, among other small and medium-sized sites. DIFUSION MINI features the latest technology to guarantee security and peace of mind to families, retailers, and entrepreneurs alike.

Want to know more? Download the DFUSION leaflet, and if you would like to see the power and effectiveness of this new solution in action, request a free demo and boost the return of your investment!
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