29 Nov 2022

New DFUSION algorithms for thermal cameras

Cámaras térmicas y DFUSION

Thermal cameras are key devices for many video surveillance systems, especially where detection at long distances is required. Industrial warehouses, logistics centres and solar farms are just a few of the many sites that have chosen to use thermal cameras to manage perimeter security.

However, thermal cameras have limitations when combined with video analytics systems. As well as being significantly more costly than visible cameras,  images are blurry or of poor-quality thermal imaging can make detection difficult over long distances.

What’s more, continuous recalibration of these types of cameras can cause sudden changes in images that can cause false positives in the installation. For this reason, when designing video analytics projects, it is important to choose thermal cameras only when long-distance detection is really necessary. And in these cases, it is essential to choose a reliable, accurate, proven system that ensures the safety and security of your facility.

Not all video analytics systems work well with thermal cameras.

DFUSION has fine-tuned algorithms specific to thermal cameras to achieve greater accuracy and efficiency in detection. We have also succeeded in significantly reducing false alarms. In environments protected by CCTV it is common to find animals, vegetation, vibrations in the camera, rain or wind. Without a reliable video analytics system, these types of
Stimuli can generate endless false positives for security personnel.

At DAVANTIS we have improved our video analytics solutions to increase efficiency and accuracy in all security installations that use infrared thermal cameras. That’s why we’ve enhanced our artificial intelligence model in DFUSION for better results with thermal cameras.

Do you use thermal cameras? Looking to improve security standards in your perimeter protection installations with thermal cameras? Try our DFUSION range for free!



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