24 Apr 2023

Thermal security cameras in perimeter security

Cámaras térmicas

Thermal security cameras have become an essential component of many CCTV surveillance systems thanks to their wide coverage and detection range. Hundreds of thermal security systems are installed every day to monitor sites and installations 24/7. But do you know how thermal cameras work? How effective are they in complex situations? What volume of false alarms do they generate?

There are different variables to consider when choosing the best type of CCTV camera for each installation. Should it be a thermal, day/night or dual camera? In this article, we will try to answer all your questions and help you to choose the best option for your perimeter security projects.

You can also use our Site Planning Tool to help you to choose the best combination of cameras for your perimeter video surveillance installation.

The key: infrared radiation

Thermal or infrared cameras work by detecting any type of infrared radiation. All people, animals and objects emit this type of radiation at different wavelengths. This is how thermal cameras can detect this radiation and convert it into an image and reproduce it on screen.

Extreme detection conditions

Thanks to their infrared detection capability, thermal vision is ideal for video surveillance projects where lighting conditions are very poor or when smoke, fog or other influences darken the scene. Moreover, thermal cameras are particularly good in installations where long distances require coverage.

A great competitive advantage over other security cameras is that infrared thermal cameras do not require light to perform detections. Thermal cameras also measure temperatures, even over long distances and while maintaining accuracy.

These types of thermal camera systems are often used in perimeter security installations around critical infrastructures to detect overheating and for fire prevention, among other uses.

Benefits of using thermal security cameras

There are many variables involved in choosing the ideal security camera for each type of installation. CCTV cameras should be chosen based on an analysis of the security risks, the area to be monitored and the local environmental conditions. However, no one can dispute the effectiveness of thermal imaging cameras in video security projects. Let’s see some advantages:

1. Thermal security cameras can perform detections in the dark, even in pitch darkness.

2. Their detection capability and range provides 24-hour surveillance.

3. Infrared thermal cameras can detect heat signals, allowing them to see through smoke, fog, and similar.

4. Infrared cameras can distinguish between objects, humans and animals and avoid confusion between genuine and false alarms.

5. It is unlikely that thermal cameras will be fooled by objects that mimic a human heat source, such as a dummy.

6. Thermal cameras can be integrated with other surveillance technologies, such as night vision cameras, to provide comprehensive security.

The power of video analysis in thermal cameras

At DAVANTIS, we understand the potential and benefits of thermal cameras in perimeter security. That’s why our intelligent video analytics systems merge with them to maximise detection and quality standards.

How? Our advanced Virtual IR functionality has been developed to significantly improve the detection capability of thermal cameras, particularly in high-complexity situations such as low contrast over long distances or installations where the camera is behind glass or other translucent elements. This is where Virtual IR functions as a virtual focus by increasing the contrast and improving detection accuracy, leading to a drastic reduction in false alarms.

The video analysis solutions developed at DAVANTIS are fully compatible with all the systems on the market, guaranteeing easy, fast installation. Our perimeter security project simulation platform, Site Planning Tool, offers practical information to define the best combination of cameras to obtain the best, most precise detection results.

Looking to improve the efficiency of your CCTV thermal cameras? Install our video analytics software!



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