07 Mar 2018

Efficiency: the key to designing video surveillance systems

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Video analysis solutions intercept intruders in all types of premises, offering effective protection and the ability to take immediate action. However, to be effective, video analysis system designs must consider some basic aspects that are sometimes forgotten. Most of all, they must satisfy their users’ needs.

There’s probably no such thing as an infallible security system, but what we can promise is that video analysis systems are more effective than passive solutions with sensors or surveillance cameras. Before installing a video analysis system, a thorough diagnosis of the client’s specific needs is essential to be able to design the product properly. This means offering suitable advice for each installation.

Security for clients
All security systems must meet the client’s requirements. That’s why it is essential to be clear about what is required from the security system from the outset. For example, you must assess the premises, carefully designing the project to make to use existing resources, identifying trouble spots to avoid mistakes and identifying which perimeter security system will be best for the site. In this regard, it is very important to give the clients enough advice to enable them to take an informed decision.

Agree upon the scope and objectives
The next step is for the installer and final client to agree upon how the system will operate and how it will be installed. To do this, we recommend you draw up a contract, including firm commitments on aspects like the budget, the project configuration, delivery times and even operators, so that everything is laid out in writing. As well as signing the document, both parties must come to an economic agreement regarding matters such as equipment and manpower to avoid disputes later on.

CCTV design
This system merely shows and records the facts for a subsequent investigation. If CCTV is the only security technology to be installed, detection alarm systems with video analysis by suitable software should also be included.

Security staff
Another aspect to take into consideration when designing a video analysis system is whether there will be staff responsible for the system or it will be monitored by a remote system that will analyse images of the intrusion before sounding the alarm. One major advantage of video analysis is scalability of human resources.

After-sales services
This is another aspect to specify at the outset to avoid later misunderstandings. It is important to come to agreements on aspects like delivery of equipment, installation, training of operators and the commissioning of the system.

The importance of training
Among the aspects of after-sales to agree upon is operator training. This is essential, since these are the people who will use the video surveillance system. This training can be delivered by the systems installer, distributor or even the manufacturer.

DAVANTIS supplies reliable perimeter protection solutions, equipping its clients to intercept any type of intrusion. We are 100% committed to our clients, guaranteeing the success of each and every project. We exist to provide you with efficient protection. We design and install of our own software and provide installers with specialised training to achieve our shared goal: your security.



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