06 Jun 2023

Busting SIX MYTHS about outdoor perimeter security

Traditional Video Analytics versus Intelligent Video Analytics

How much do you know about video analytics and CCTV security? You must have had installations where you decided to try video analytics, and things did not go as expected … Difficult to configure? Alarms at 2 am? Things have changed!

In recent years, the world of video analytics has developed into an effective and reliable security management solution. In this article, we invite you to leave behind your old beliefs and discover the new opportunities offered by our intelligent video analytics system. Because another type of video analytics is possible, we want to share the six myths of traditional video analytics versus DFUSION. Ready? Take note!

You’ve probably had bad experiences with traditional video analytics or embedded systems that have triggered endless false alarms and missed real detections.

In-camera video analytics can be a nightmare for installers and end users alike… of course! Those video surveillance solutions are insufficient for some installations, such as critical infrastructures. Forget about it! There is another type of video analytics: DFUSION is different.

These days, Artificial Intelligence has taken video analytics to a new level, which has made systems like DFUSION the best choice for installers. Our state-of-the-art AI-based technology features two detection engines so that you won’t miss a single incident. Two engines work in parallel, combining appearance and movement to ensure maximum precision even in highly demanding conditions and over long distances.

DFUSION has dedicated hardware (CPU and GPU) for image analytics, ensuring early detection of intruders and drastically reducing unwanted alarms. If you do not believe us… put us to the test! We offer comprehensive, personalised advice on-site so you can see just how DFUSION is. Request a demo.

Do you believe you have enough coverage with your traditional CCTV camera system or DVD/DVR video recorders for your security needs… Are you sure?

DAVANTIS proposes that you update your CCTV cameras and transform your security equipment into an active intrusion detection system with the latest technology (artificial intelligence). This will give you an incredible reduction of false alarms, and you and your customers will have peace of mind.

How to do it? DFUSION, a visual alarm verification system based on deep learning algorithms, will increase detection accuracy and reduce operating costs. Our ClickThru technology allows Alarm
Management Centres to verify the alert images in real time. In seconds, they can decide which protocols to activate: deterrents, security guards, notifying the police, etc. That way, the central station
effectively manages each alarm without disturbing your client at 2 am.

With ClickThru, you always know what’s triggered the alarm

Vídeo ClickThru

Thanks to our ClickThru technology, control centres can verify any alarm in seconds and react by activating deterrents.

It is a simple, exclusive, efficient system integrated into all alarm management software programmes: CMS, VMS and PSIM.

That may have been the case, but not any more! In the past, video analytics systems generated endless false alarms. This was because traditional video analytics focused on moving objects. Their ability to analyse moving objects was limited, and they did not always differentiate between real detections and false positives. Thanks to the evolution of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, analytical capacity is more powerful and accurate. This makes it possible to detect incidents in adverse weather conditions, in scenes where the intruder is partially hidden or where the distances are very long.

The DFUSION video analytics system analyses movement and appearance, which improves the early detection of intruders and causes a noticeable reduction in false alarms.

Say goodbye to complicated setups. DFUSION offers simple, personalised configuration, making getting your system up and running easy. Our SmartWalk self-learning technology enables you to configure cameras without taking measures of objects, distances or other key values for CCTV installation. SmartWalk automatically configures perspective to speed up the camera adjustment process. Configuring each camera with our patented SmartWalk system takes less than five minutes.



A good perspective drastically reduces the number of false alarms.

A bad perspective can compromise the system’s detection capacity.


To further simplify set up, DFUSION can apply the same video analytics configuration to different camera models, thus avoiding possible configuration errors.

It also has four customized site profiles, each configuredfor out-of-the-box accuracy for the specific type of installation. Thanks to its remote access capability, you can efficiently track your installation from start-up, manage updates, and monitor maintenance without leaving your screen.

Indoor security systems are designed to detect intruders inside the property, but… isn’t that too late? The intruder has crossed the perimeter and is already inside! Investing in a security system like AI video analytics allows you to protect valuable assets before a thief can reach them.

Video analytics allows you to analyze people in the image, and alert for intruders as soon as they enter configured detection /no-go zones. This prevents theft and vandalism. DFUSION provides installers with the highest quality perimeter security system for their customers.

This avoids significant financial losses and helps to optimise operating costs. Think again! Protect your outdoor area proactively with DFUSION and your CCTV cameras, stop recording what happened and anticipate crime before it happens.

Not anymore, it should not be expensive to connect because we cause minimal false alarmas. The DAVANTIS alarm verification process allows alarm monitorin stations to quickly and effectively manage more alarms with fewer resources.

Our video analytics systems are 100% compatible with all alarm management platforms and integrate with all hardware and software manufacturers.

You will not have your dinner interrupted, or receiving and unpleasant 2 am wake-up call for unverifed alarms. When you are called, an intrusion has been visually verified.

What else do you need to convince you about the new generation of video analytics? Contact our team and switch to DFUSION!



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