25 Jun 2021

Outdoor Perimeter Security Systems

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Do you need a perimeter security solution that can cover long distances? Are you in the market for a smart solution to managing detection alerts? To secure your perimeter, you need a reliable system to detect incidents in real time while keeping false alarms to a minimum. DAVANTIS has spent years developing smart video analytics technologies with Deep Learning algorithms that give an effective response in perimeter control.

When it comes to developing an installation to cover outdoor perimeter security, your biggest priority is to ensure early detection of intruders. That means that when you video surveillance system detects suspicious activity, it sends an alert to the Central Alarm Monitoring Station which can deal with the system immediately. As soon as the security system detects any unwanted activity, it generates an alert, enabling the Monitoring Station to activate deterrent messages or send the security patrol to the site of the incident. These types of deterrent functions are critical to the success of any outdoor perimeter security system, since they add an extra layer of protection.

Surveillance and perimeter security systems installed outdoors, in the open air, are exposed to different environmental and weather conditions and the risk of tampering. There are numerous different devices you can install, such as thermal and infra-red cameras, security lighting systems, loudspeakers to broadcast deterrent messages to trespassers, and many more. The key to a good perimeter security system is prompt, accurate detection of intruders to protect your property from theft or damage, hence the importance of the technology used to detect them and the capacity to reduce false positives to a minimum. Heavy rain and snow, insects, leaves and other objects can interfere with cameras, triggering false alarms and leading to the unnecessary deployment of resources, particularly in the case of perimeter security systems that cover long distances.

Why is it important to have a perimeter video surveillance system based on video analytics?

The main purpose of a perimeter video surveillance system is to give comprehensive coverage to the perimeter of a property, which includes detection, deterrents, and management of security incidents. Early detection is the first advantage, to prevent damage to your facilities, theft, and vandalism. The advantages of an effective video analytics perimeter security system are:

Deterrent effect: this can be by means of audio messages broadcast via IP loudspeakers of incandescent floodlights that will send intruders packing, however, they also buy security staff some time until the surveillance patrol reaches the area.

False alarms: thanks to Deep Learning algorithms, our solution is capable of reducing false positives to levels far below any other system in the security market. This keeps operating costs down and makes for a more efficient video surveillance system.

Long-distance coverage: On large sites, outdoor perimeter video analytics systems are the best choice, not only because they are the most efficient, but also the most cost-effective, providing greater coverage through a single device or camera.

Technology: Thanks to the technology used in our video analytics solutions, the information received by operators is clear and precise. The footage captured by cameras is improved by our Virtual IR image enhancing and Smart PTZ technologies, which enable system designers to direct a PTZ camera to the point where the anomaly is detected and provide the Alarm Monitoring Station with an amplified video of the incident (see more functions of perimeter video analytics).

DAVANTIS has been perfecting and investing in R&D for continuous improvement of our video analytics systems for perimeter security. DFUSION has become the solution of choice for protecting critical installations and long perimeters thanks to its ability to efficiently detect intruders immediately, and its noteworthy reduction in false alarms.

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