Vídeo Análisis en Hoteles en Dubai Jumeirah

Perimeter Protection in Dubai: Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts

These hotels are located at exclusive beaches, some of them private; which required a high security solution to prevent forbidden approaches to their coastline.

Case Study

Vídeo Análisis en Hoteles en Dubai Jumeirah

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Jumeirah Mina A’salam and Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Having won numerous international travel and tourism awards, Jumeirah Resorts & Hotels are regarded as the most luxurious and innovative hotels around the globe. These hotels accommodate personalities and celebrities from all over the world whose safety and privacy stay above all priorities.

Vídeo Análisis en Hoteles en Dubai Jumeirah

They needed to avoid non-authorized watercrafts approaching or having access to the hotel beaches. It was mandatory to find a system that allowed them to efficiently verify any alarm, by unauthorized vessels. DAVANTIS Video analytics system was the solution for surveillance.

Vídeo Análisis en Hoteles en Dubai Jumeirah

JUMEIRAH HOTELS & RESORTS trusted its security to DAVANTIS video analytics systems to protect their infrastructure.

Vídeo Análisis en Hoteles en Dubai Jumeirah

In this Project, 4 thermal cameras were used with DAVANTIS video analytics, also integrated in Milestone’s VMS. To easily verify all the alarms, we assigned a preset PTZ dome to a camera zone, which allowed them to react within seconds.

Vídeo Análisis en Hoteles en Dubai Jumeirah

Benefits for installers::

Differentiation against the competition. The combination of technology and personnel provides a better solution that the proposals of the competition, which are usually based on having many security guards per shift.

Higher margin of economical benefit. The sales margin for technology is normally higher than for personnel, providing a higher economical benefit for the installer.

Vídeo Análisis en Hoteles en Dubai Jumeirah

Benefits for end users:

Higher security. Davantis video analytics automatically generate an alarm when an intrusion occurs, and the security personnel can react within seconds.

Lower cost. It reduces the number of security guards needed to monitor the site.

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