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Equinor chooses DAVANTIS for its perimeter security

EQUINOR is an international company headquartered in Stavanger, Norway. It has a portfolio of projects encompassing oil and gas, renewables and low-carbon solutions.

Case Study

Vídeo Análisis Seguridad Equinor

It is Norway’s largest oil and gas operator, accounting for 60% of local production and is present in around 30 countries worldwide. Equinor is expanding worldwide in renewables and achieving leadership in new low-carbon technologies and value chains.

Committed to the challenges of climate change and the EU 2030 Agenda, Equinor invests in generation technologies that reduce CO2 emissions from its offshore and terrestrial plants and responsible gas and oil production. One example is the Equinor Kollsnes Gas Processing Plant situated close to Bergen in Western Norway.

Norway’s largest oil and gas operator

Vídeo Análisis Seguridad Equinor

The Equinor Kollsnes is a remote site, exposed to extreme weather changes and free-roaming wildlife across the local area, all factors triggering numerous unwanted alarms in its video analytics system.

Equinor needed a highly accurate, reliable perimeter protection solution to reduce the level of unwanted alarm traffic to the security control room while improving operational efficiency and the site’s overall security.

Access points, internal routines at the plant and possible blind spots were also analysed when creating the project to offer our client a comprehensive solution.

“After performance-testing the solution, and subsequently implementing it, we can see a significant improvement in the accuracy and reliability of the solution. Operational security is important to EQUINOR and we have been impressed witht he results”. Oddvar Dalva, Head of Security

Vídeo Análisis Seguridad Petrolera

Following a successful on-site evaluation based on challenging criteria, Focus Security suggested installing a DAVANTIS smart video analytics system, opting for DFUSION and DFUSIONPRO channels.

Focus Security are a highly-specialised security technology partner, providing carefully selected technologies to their clients, based on a real risk-assessment and needs-based design approach, bringing tangible results to their customers.

DAVANTIS demonstrated and met the customer’s requirement for a 100% intelligent, high-precision perimeter control system that would be reliable in high winds, snow, and stormy conditions. As a result, our system has dramatically reduced unwanted alarms, improved the operational efficiency of the local safety team and enhanced the plant’s overall security.

Equinor now benefits from excellent security and enhanced efficiency in the security operations control room with a customised perimeter security solution that provides tangible benefits with minimal training requirements.

Reliable in high winds, snow and stormy conditions

Vídeo Análisis DFUSION

Following extensive consultation and a very successful on-site evaluation period, the proposed DAVANTIS solution provided through Focus Security – a highly specialised in-country Security Systems Integrator – included 116 channels of DFUSION / DFUSIONPRO server-based Dual Engine analytics monitoring thermal cameras managed by the March Networks Command VMS and NVR recording platform across the entire site.

As a result, local security staff can access detected events in real-time to make effective decisions. The dual video analytics engine has not only increased staff confidence, but also drastically reduced unwanted alarms in the Equinor Gas Processing Plant and has been proven to deliver more accurate detection.

Thanks to this combination of technologies, the site is suitably protected and activities in the security operations control room have been significantly improved.

Two detection engines to reduce unwanted alarms

Detección intrusiones vídeo análisis

Benefits for installers:

  • Enhanced efficiency in security guard operations
  • Highly intuitive configuration
  • March Networks Command video management software (VMS)
  • Low installation and operating costs
  • Expert advice and technical support throughout all phases of the project
  • Total integration with ARCs, VMS and PSIM
Proceso de Verificación Alarmas

Benefits for end users:

  • Increased detection accuracy
  • An impressive reduction in unwanted alarms
  • DAVANTIS APP: Supporting on-site Security Staff with real time mobile situational updates
  • Easy to use
  • Maximum flexibility for setting rules to cover any scenario
  • Cost savings
  • CPNI certified by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, UK

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