Vídeo Análisis Perimetral Grúas Sáez

GRÚAS SÁEZ trust DAVANTIS to protect its perimeter

GRÚAS SÁEZ, a leading company construction industry company with more than 50 years in the crane sector, is protecting the business group’s extensive sites using the DAVANTIS video analytics system to guard its perimeters.

In this case and using our flexible, compatible solutions, DAVANTIS has combined Daview S and Daview LR channels to cover the project requirements and keep costs low. A total of 25 cameras are installed in different locations.

In a project like this, which requires multiple channels, the unique DAVANTIS project design tool – Site Planning Tool – can be used to facilitate project design and installation and streamline budget management. In this case it has provided GRÚAS SÁEZ with an unbeatable perimeter security solution.

Case Study

Seguridad Perimetral Grúas Sáez

GRÚAS SÁEZ is a manufacturer with branches and distributors all over the world. More than 50 years have passed since they manufactured their first crane, and since then the company has been unstoppable. Market internalisation and expansion have been fundamental for the company.

Saéz was originally a tower crane leasing company. Having accumulated the necessary experience and knowledge, they began designing and manufacturing simple assembly cranes and maintenance cranes capable of tackling heavy jobs with ease. The electric components that Saéz uses on its cranes are supplied by Europe’s main manufacturers.

The company currently has three divisions: Sáez Cranes (Cranes), Sáez Formworks (Formworks) y Sáez Motion (Telehandlers) all under the Sáez umbrella brand and a benchmark for the construction industry.

More than 50 years’ in the industry since they manufactured their first crane

Seguridad Perimetral Grúas Sáez

The two sites in Beniaján and the third in Molina de Segura are large areas where security is essential for the correct functioning of the business group.

That’s why security company ALARMAS GAMA performed an audit and safety study to implement DAVANTIS Video analytics solutions in the most efficient way possible.

We provide optimal protection for large sites

Seguridad Perimetral Grúas Sáez

Optimising physical surveillance resources was a key parameter considered to keep the group’s monthly security costs to a minimum.

Centralising alarms in Alarmas Gama own monitoring station was pivotal to ensure proper implementation of the project.

Seguridad Perimetral Grúas Sáez

Due to the complexity and diversity of the client’s installation, we opted to combine different solutions from video analytics product range. DAVANTIS is highly flexible and compatible, enabling us to adapt all types of projects, offering the most efficient solution.

In this case, we used a variety of combos consisting of Daview S and Daview LR channels, connected to 25 thermal cameras installed on the group’s sites.

To decide which type of solution would be the best fit, an in-depth study was made to evaluate the millimetres of the thermal cameras according to the distance to be covered by each.

To decide which type of solution would be the best fit, an in-depth study was made to evaluate the millimetres of the thermal cameras according to the distance to be covered by each.

Seguridad Perimetral Grúas Sáez

Benefits for installers:

Achieving a global solution based on DAVANTIS thermal technology and video analysis combined with receipt of incidents at alarm monitoring stations and sending help when necessary was key to covering the client’s security needs.

Using the unique DAVANTIS Site planning tool made designing and carrying out the entire project far easier.

Thanks to this tool, calculating which DAVANTIS solutions are the most suitable is quick and easy, analysing the different brands, characteristics and optics of the cameras to be used.

Seguridad Perimetral Grúas Sáez

Benefits for end users:

Reducing the high costs of physical surveillance was, without a doubt, one of the great advantages for the company.

DAVANTIS systems automatically detect attempted intrusion.

Large sites with several cameras requires systems that automate detection and send alarms to a Monitoring Station for the fastest possible response.

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