Vídeo Análisis Residencia Jesús Calleja

Jesús Calleja trusts DAVANTIS to protect his property

Famous mountaineer, adventurer and presenter Jesús Calleja, renowned for his conquest of Everest and the Seven Peaks, the highest mountains on each continent, North America and Antarctica, chose DAVANTIS to protect his property with our perimeter protection video analytics technology.

We advised Jesús Calleja on the best solution when designing and planning the project to cover his specific needs. Our experts opted for Daview S technology, a powerful system which is compatible with all hardware manufacturers.

Our technology uses specific, state-of-the-art algorithms which more than satisfy even the most critical security requirements.

Case Study

Seguridad Perimetral Residencia Jesús Calleja

Well-known mountaineer, adventurer and presenter Jesús Calleja, renowned for his ascent of Everest and the Seven Peaks, the highest mountains on each continent and North America and Antarctica asked DAVANTIS to supply our perimeter protection analytics software.

DAVANTIS always provides end-to-end advice on project design, identifying the optical solution for your own needs and those of your facilities.

Jesús Calleja conquered Everest and the Seven Peaks

Seguridad Perimetral Residencia Jesús Calleja

DAVANTIS has always aimed to provide bespoke solutions for each type of customer. From small, residential and industrial sites which can be protected with a small number of Daview MINI cameras, to larger areas, where Daview S can analyse input from endless cameras, with limitless possibilities on the number of channels and hardware.

Since we always focus on perimeter protection, we’d also like to mention interior spaces.

DAVANTIS solutions are an interesting option to protect for any large enclosed site.

Places where materials are often located in different spots.

Large buildings are vulnerable because of the large number of windows and doors, which are attractive to intruders, when conventional barrier, magnetic and volumetric systems can entail a lot of manpower.

A combination of IP technology and Daview systems will protect your facilities quickly and efficiently.

We are sure that Jesús Calleja’s helicopter sleeps peacefully at night.

Our solutions protect any perimeter quickly and efficiently

Seguridad Perimetral Residencia Jesús Calleja

Benefits for installers:

Technology adaptable to all types of sites.

For both irregular and uneven exterior spaces and in interior spaces with material mobility, the DAVANTIS solution adapts to every situation.

Installers can adjust the solutions remotely without having to travel to the physical facilities.

Seguridad Perimetral Residencia Jesús Calleja

Benefits for end users:

Total privacy in your installation. The Alarm Receiving Centre can only access live cameras in case of an alarm for verification.

Dissuasive measures are activated to ensure proactive action in case of a real alarm.

Scalable technology to meet every requirement

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