Vídeo Análisis en Fábrica Milán

MILAN entrusts DAVANTIS with its plant perimeter security

The office supplies company has installed 20 cameras with the DAVIEW S system by DAVANTIS

MILAN, the well-known eraser and school and office supply company, relies on the DAVIEW S video analytics solution, compatible with any brand of camera on the market, to secure the perimeter of its site in Girona, Spain.

The MILAN complex consists of several buildings which are now watched over by DAVIEW S video analytics by DAVANTIS, giving the company the ability to react quickly to any problem and transform a closed circuit TV system into a powerful, proactive alarm system. In this case, the DAVIEW AMS video analytic system has been integrated into the system to serve as a conventional receiver for monitoring the entire site, integrating directly with the main alarm software programmes.

Case Study

Protección Perimetral en Fábrica Milán

In 1918, MILAN started making its landmark ‘crumbly’ erasers with synthetic rubber. They were a great success and immediately became popular, making the name MILAN synonymous with the eraser.

In the 1950s, the company started shipping its products to Latin America, marketing the product in Chile, Colombia and Venezuela.

In the 1960s, the first plastic resin eraser was created, wrapped in pink cellophane, and christened “MILAN nata 624”. And then, in the 1980s, came the first extra soft plastic eraser, with great absorption power, which erases without leaving residue.

From the 1990s onwards, the company started exporting to the rest of the world and the range of erasers was extended.

In the 21st century, MILAN began marketing other school and office products as well as continuing to sell erasers.

Erasers and stationery

Protección Perimetral en Fábrica Milán

The company’s headquarters in the province of Girona consist of several buildings on a site with an extensive external perimeter.

The large area needing protection makes any security project a real challenge.

Multi-building facilities

Protección Perimetral en Fábrica Milán

MILAN trusts DAVANTIS video analytics systems for security.

The goal is to deal with any type of problem swiftly and to transform the closed circuit television system into a real proactive alarm system.

Protección Perimetral en Fábrica Milán

Numerous cameras were installed to watch over the outside and inside of all the buildings.

In this case, after analysing the site, it was decided to install 20 cameras with our Daview S video analytics solution, which is compatible with all camera manufacturers on the market.

The Daview S video analytics system is quick and easy to install, with very intuitive software, allowing operators to verify alarms within seconds.

On this occasion, we integrated our Daview AMS video analytics system, a server that acts as a conventional receiver to control all the facilities, as well as direct integration with the main alarm management software programmes.

Daview AMS is used for the following:

  • See what is happening live through your cameras
  • Pooling – Connection Supervision
  • Receive technical alarms
  • Remote relay activation
  • Bi-directional audio to communicate with sites
  • Network and server redundancy

In addition, thanks to DAVANTIS SmartWalk technology for automatic camera calibration, the camera configuration takes less than 5 minutes per camera.

Installation of 20 cameras with our Daview S solution

Protección Perimetral en Fábrica Milán

Benefits for installers:

  • Advice based on the preliminary security analysis performed by DAVANTIS and an audit to make optimal use of your existing security system.
  • You can re-use many of your existing security cameras, reducing building work and overall project costs.
  • Technology compatible with Analogue, Analogue HD and IP cameras.
Protección Perimetral en Fábrica Milán

Benefits for end users:

  • Stagger your investment. DAVANTIS systems are delivered with the exact number of cameras. If you decide to expand the system at a later date, the process of adding new security features is easy and you can choose make your economic investment at the perfect time for you
  • We support users throughout the implementation process. Our philosophy is to work with your chosen installer to ensure the success of the system, from the project development stage, through installation. Everything is monitored and we provide a tailor-made aftersales service to accommodate your idiosyncrasies.

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