Vídeo Análisis Perimetral La Sirena

La Sirena chooses DAVANTIS for its perimeter security

After more than 37 years in business, the La Sirena frozen food chain has become established as one of Spain’s leading national food companies. The company has more than 250 stores in Spain and Andorra.

Case Study

Seguridad perimetral La Sirena

It carries more than 750 products in an extensive catalogue of frozen foods, ranging from fish and seafood to vegetables, meat, ready meals, desserts and much more. Local production Based in regions like Navarre, Murcia, Andalusia, Castilla y León, La Rioja, Aragón, Extremadura, Valencia and Catalonia, among others.

La Sirena is shows its deep commitment to sustainability with projects like “Save the Oceans”, with which it is gradually eliminating non-recyclable plastics, and leading animal and marine ecosystem conservation initiatives.

Perimeter security is a priority at its production centres in large industrial units.

La Sirena, one of Spain’s most successful national food companies

Seguridad perimetral La Sirena

La Sirena’s needed an integral security system to ensure maximum coverage for sites containing offices, production plants and storage facilities. It needed an intuitive system to integrated into an Alarm Receiving Centre to manage site security.

Considering the location of the premises and the complexity of the perimeters, our customer wanted a perimeter video analytics system that would account for neighbouring areas where poor lighting and vehicle traffic were triggering numerous false alarms and increasing security operating costs.

La Sirena needed to improve security at its main production centre with versatile technology which would not require heavy up-front investment in devices while still covering long perimeters.

Intuitive system integrated in an Alarm Receiving Centre

Seguridad perimetral La Sirena

After conducting an in-depth analysis of La Sirena’s premises and needs, a server-based video analytics solution combined with CCTV cameras and the control centre was chosen to provide all-round perimeter protection for the industrial unit. Video analytics servers made it possible to use the existing camera infrastructure, which significantly reduced installation and security personnel costs.

Unlike security patrols alone, our video analytics systems make it possible to watch over the entire perimeter continuously detect any attempt at intrusion. Our analytics engines are extremely precise and drastically reduce the number of false alarms received by the monitoring centre, thus streamlining the work of the security guards.

Our systems make it possible to configure personalised rules to prevent alarms from being triggered by certain vehicles and personnel in the area.

A server-based video analytics solution combined with CCTV cameras and its Control Centre

Vídeo Análisis DFUSION

The security system consists of intelligent video analytics equipment that provides maximum coverage throughout the site. Our technology has enabled La Sirena to modernise its security and control systems while reducing operating costs. The level of precision detecting unwanted visitors quickly has reduced the risk of theft and vandalism at production centres to a minimum. Security guard patrol times and callouts are optimised thanks to real-time access to images for perfect protocol activation.

DAVANTIS perimeter video analytics systems analyse massive numbers of images in less time, regardless of their quality. Thanks to the efficiency and capacity of our technology, La Sirena has entrusted DAVANTIS with the perimeter security of it premises.

Smart video analytics equipment to ensure maximum coverage

Detección intrusiones vídeo análisis

Benefits for installers:

  • Quick, easy calibration and rule adjustment process
  • Intuitive system configuration
  • Access to a large quantity of technical documentation
  • Low installation and operating costs
  • We offer advice and technical support throughout all phases of the project
  • Total integration with all ARC, VMS and PSIM
Proceso de Verificación Alarmas

Benefits for end users:

  • Maximum reduction of false alarms
  • The DAVANTIS APP: Mobile support in the app
  • Easy to use
  • Flexibility to configure rules to cover any scenario
  • Cost optimization

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