Vídeo Análisis Logística Vehículos Tradisa

Tradisa chooses DAVANTIS for its perimeter security

The company is a leader in comprehensive multimodal logistics services in the automotive and other industrial sectors. Our intelligent video analysis systems manage perimeter security around their logistics warehouses in Spain. Adaptive environment capability and custom rule configuration ensure maximum accuracy and significantly reduce false alarms.

Case Study

Seguridad Perimetral Vehículos Tradisa

Tradisa is an integral multi-modal logistics service provider with operations across Europe for the automotive and other industrial sectors. This leading operation has more than 1,500 employees, 821,600 m² of logistics warehouses and more than 1,400,000 vehicles on the road every year.

The company’s Europe-wide expansion and large areas occupied by its warehouses and vehicles require a smart security system to keep goods and buildings safe. That’s why Tradisa launched a public invitation to tender to find a technology partner to monitor its logistics centre close to Barcelona International Airport.

The main aim was to install a highly effective security system to prevent vehicle theft.

Integral multi-modal logistics service

Seguridad Perimetral Vehículos Tradisa

Among the challenges facing Tradisa are keeping its premises safe from intruders and protecting its fleet of vehicles from thieves. Therefore, intruder detection in perimeter areas was key to the project. Our team of technicians analysed the surroundings, entrances and other access points and possible blind spots to configure our video analytics systems thoroughly and integrally.

The site is in an area with heavy traffic in peripheral areas, making intelligent deep learning-based (AI) technology the solution of choice for early detection and reducing all types of false alarms. Moreover, the company needed a system to integrate with the Securitas Control and Surveillance Centre for exceptional efficacy and low operating costs.

Maximize early detections and reduce all types of false alarms

Seguridad Perimetral Vehículos Tradisa

After the public invitation to tender, Securitas Security España beat its competitors with a solution that combined the latest video analytics technology and security guards. Thermal cameras with 19 and 35-mm lenses were installed around the perimeter, analysing thousands of images per second in real-time with DAVANTIS video analytics smart software. As a result, a single security guard per shift can monitor a 1.8-kilometre border by reviewing real-time video analytics events and activating security protocols as needed.

Seguridad Perimetral Vehículos Tradisa

Considering the specifics of the surroundings and after a thorough evaluation, a set of personalised security rules were defined based on the routines and workflows on the site and Securitas’ integral security strategy. Our team was active throughout the project, helping design and plan the system and its commissioning. That is how our intelligent video analysis software has achieved an incredibly high level of perimeter security and effective integration with the team of guards.

By installing our DAVIEW video analytics equipment, they have reached the most rigorous security standards, controlling the perimeter and keeping vehicles and the premises completely safe. With DAVIEW, the customer or security guard always knows what has triggered the alarm and can instantly tell whether it is a false alarm. Our technology reduces the number of false positives to the absolute minimum.

Controlling the perimeter and keeping vehicles and the premises completely safe

Seguridad Perimetral Vehículos Tradisa

Benefits for installers:

  • Quick, easy calibration and rule adjustment process
  • Very intuitive system configuration
  • Access to a large quantity of technical documentation
  • Low installation and operating costs
  • We offer advice and technical support throughout all phases of the project
  • Total integration with all ARC, VMS and PSIM
Seguridad Perimetral Vehículos Tradisa

Benefits for end users:

  • Maximum reduction in false alarms
  • DAVANTIS APP: Mobile support in the app
  • Easy to use
  • Maximum flexibility for setting rules to cover any scenario

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