• 03 Oct 2019
  • by davantiseditor

What happens when we detect an intruder who quickly disappears from the field of view?
Sometimes we detect intruders who disappears quickly before we can see where they are headed. This won’t happen to you if you install DAVANTIS and its Autotracking function.
When Autotracking detects an intruder, the system sends an alert to the Monitoring Centre (local or remote) to trigger deterrents which will force the intruder to leave the facilities. To give the operator at the monitoring station additional information, DAVANTIS suggests you install a PTZ camera at the point of entry.

What are the advantages of using the Autotracking function?

  • You’ll have an amplified, higher resolution image of the intruder at the precise moment of detection, even when outside the angle of fixed cameras. You’ll know exactly where the intruder went before leaving the premises.
  • With the ptz camera you can follow the intruder as he or she moves about your premises. This gives you a detailed image of the intruder at all times, even when outside the field of vision of fixed cameras.

The Autotracking system is the perfect addition to your perimeter security installation and improves intruder tracking.

For more information about DAVANTIS Autotracking, contact us at info@davantis.com