23 May 2024

Intruder detection: maximum accuracy with Smart PTZ and ATKPRO


If there is one thing that obsesses us, it’s improving the accuracy of our Intrusion Detection Video Analytics system. That’s why our vision team tests our AI technology in every conceivable situation and extreme conditions for detection.

With this goal in mind, we have developed numerous functionalities that drastically minimize all types of risk. What’s more, you’ll have detailed information and intruder tracking when they disappear from the surveillance zone. Have you heard of Smart PTZ and ATKPRO? One new innovation is the Smart PTZ Wizard, which makes configuring Smart PTZ and ATKPRO super simple.

Check out the features and advantages of these technological functionalities. They improve intrusion detection accuracy to enhance your perimeter video surveillance system.


Smart PTZ, automatic verification

When your system detects an intruder, the more information, the better. Control centres need data on which to base decisions, and our Smart PTZ provides it to streamline the alarm verification process. This functionality enables you to position a PTZ camera over the detection area and capture additional video. This gives operators more information about the alarm for more efficient management. About the Smart PTZ module:

  • Based on detection with fixed cameras, Smart PTZ allows you to position a camera where the incident is detected and provides the CRA with a zoomed-in video of the intrusion.
  • Automatic, real-time viewing of the area where the alarm is triggered, generating a zoom image for super-accurate alarm identification.
  • Greater efficiency and shorter ARC response times.




ATKPRO, for continuous, real-time intruder tracking

What if you detect an intruder who disappears quickly from the field of view?


Video surveillance systems sometimes detect intruders who disappear quickly. If you can’t see where they are heading, perimeter safety is at risk. To avoid these situations, we have developed the ATKPRO auto-tracking function, a module available with our DFUSIONPRO solution.

How does ATKPRO work? As soon as the cameras detect an intrusion, the system sends an alert to the control centre (local or remote). Operators can then trigger deterrents to force the intruder off the facility. Simultaneously, DAVANTIS allows you to position a PTZ camera where the intruder enters to provide more detailed information to the control centre operator. With the ATKPRO module, it is possible to:

  • Obtain a higher-resolution, enlarged image of the detection moment.
  • Continuously monitor the intruder by installing auto-tracking. This enables the PTZ camera to follow the intruder through the installation at all times, even outside the field of vision of fixed cameras.

What are the advantages of adding auto-tracking to your intrusion detection system?

Tracking the intruder as he moves around your premises with ATKPRO provides a detailed image of the intruder at all times, even when he leaves the field of view of your fixed cameras.

Activating the ATKPRO auto-tracking module exponentially improves real-time intruder tracking to achieve high-security standards.



Smart PTZ Wizard configuration assistant

We have launched the SmartPTZ Wizard to make it easy for you to set up Smart PTZ and ATKPRO. An assistant guides you through the configuration process simply and intuitively to protect detection zones associated with a PTZ camera’s preset positioning.

What are the advantages of Smart PTZ Wizard?

  • Configure and view all detection zones that position a preset from a single screen.
  • Use one tool to create presets from the same tool without switching screens.

Thanks to this set-up wizard, installers can configure the PTZ cameras quickly and easily. This allows you to expand coverage and improve the security of your facilities with automatic intruder tracking. This new module will protect your facilities more reliably and precisely.
Don’t take chances with security… get a smart, high-tech system that guarantees maximum precision intruder detection. Improve your security standards with Smart PTZ and ATKPRO!


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