12 Apr 2024

Combining Intelligent Video Analytics with CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras with video analytics

In today’s world, when security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, having a robust perimeter security system is crucial to protecting assets, infrastructure, and personnel. Traditional security systems have drawbacks; however, advanced technology that combines intelligent video analytics and CCTV with motion detection can overcome those negatives with ease.

Why choose intelligent video analytics to complement perimeter intruder detection systems? How do AI video analytics convert CCTV motion cameras into proactive security systems? Learn how smart video analytics technology enhances security and reduces false alarms!

Motion Detect CCTV Cameras and Video Analytics

DFUSION intelligent video analytics enable proactive threat detection, real-time monitoring, and image verification for instant response. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and deep-learning-based algorithms, DFUSION analyses real-time video, interpreting movement and appearance to accurately identify criminal behaviour.

One key component of effective perimeter security is to combine CCTV cameras with video analytics. Cameras have sensors, while algorithms detect movements within their field of vision, triggering alerts and capturing footage of suspicious incidents. Deploying DFUSION with these CCTV cameras throughout your perimeter will ensure a robust, reliable surveillance network.

DFUSION uses dual analytics engines for advanced threat detection and an unprecedented reduction in false alarms. Our intelligent video analytics solution, combined with CCRV cameras, improves efficiency and reduces security costs.

DFUSION distinguishes between everyday activity and suspicious behaviour to significantly reduce false alarms. Security staff can check real-time footage to deal with real threats immediately. In addition, smart video analytics such as DFUSION analyse and define automated rules based on intruder behaviour.


CCTV cameras with video analytics


Real-Time Intelligent video Analytics with CCTV cameras

Critical infrastructure Protection

Integrating real-time video analytics and CCTV cameras has several security benefits for the industrial sector. There’s no faster or more effective way to detect and respond to security breaches around critical infrastructures like power plants, transportation hubs, and telecommunications networks. Intelligent video analytics warn security staff of anything suspicious instantly, allowing them to intervene immediately to mitigate real threats.

On sprawling sites like solar farms, real-time video analytics teams with CCTV cameras create an extra layer of security. These critical infrastructures and assets require effective protection from vandalism and tampering to minimise the potentially catastrophic risk of outages.

Perimeter protection in retail

Likewise, motion detection CCTV cameras with motion detection are invaluable in the retail sector in preventing theft, vandalism and other criminal activities. Real-time analytics provide constant surveillance of high-risk areas such as warehouses and loading bays.

Perimeter security in industries

Medium-sized and large industries benefit enormously from the implementation of intelligent video analytics and motion-detecting CCTV cameras. Excellent examples are production plants, warehouses and distribution centres. Such systems give comprehensive coverage of large areas, providing constant monitoring and real-time intruder detection.

Thousands of businesses can confirm that integrating DFUSION intelligent video analytics systems and motion detection CCTV cameras is an excellent way to improve perimeter security. DFUSION already protect assets in numerous industrial sectors. Now, by combining real-time analytics and cameras, organisations can catch and deal with security threats immediately to stop any crime before it happens.

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