Vídeo Análisis Perimetral en Museos y Estadios
Vídeo Análisis Perimetral en Museos y Estadios


Vigilancia no intrusiva

Continuous, discreet video surveillance

Reducción Falsas Alarmas

Fewer false alarms

Integración CRAs, PSIM y VMS

ARC, PSIM and VMS Integration

Perimeter Security for the Leisure Sector

Whether it’s a museum, football stadium, sports centre or another leisure or entertainment building, you need a good perimeter security system to protect your property from incidents. The aim is to keep visitors, employees and athletes safe and ensure they have a great time while keeping unwanted visitors out of private areas, preventing vandalism and theft of assets, and instantly detecting any threats. Again, video analytics is a hidden ally, providing uninterrupted video surveillance without interfering with the activities. Our advanced deep learning algorithms detect people and objects with incredible accuracy, integrating with alarm management platforms to optimise security systems and protocols.

Case studies

Vídeo Análisis en Hoteles en Dubai
Jumeirah Hotels & ResortsCritical Infrastructure
Caso de Éxito Palacio Real en Madrid
Royal Palace of MadridCritical Infrastructure
Caso de Éxito Louvre de Abu Dhabi
The Louvre in Abu DhabiCritical Infrastructure
Cheste Race TrackMoto GP
Vídeo Análisis Perimetral en Campos de Golf
Golf Courses
Casos de Éxito: Vídeo Análisis y Seguridad Perimetral
Apariencia y Movimiento

Continuous video surveillance

Video analytics systems combine motion and appearance in images. As a result, DFUSION doesn’t miss detections and reduces false alarms to detect intruders and objects accurately.

Imágenes en tiempo real

Real-time security

Our integrations with alarm management platforms (ARC, VSM and PSIM) give monitoring stations access to real-time images from your cameras and activate all types of deterrents.

Personalización de alertas

Customisable alerts

DAVANTIS video analytics systems protect your site, enabling you to respond to incidents in key surveillance and protection points in a flash.

Zoom ante Alarmas

Zoom in case of Alarms

The Smart PTZ functionality of our system enables automatic verification in the alarm zone by generating a zoomed image for better identification and facilitating surveillance processes.

Gama DFUSION: Video Análisis Perimetral DFUSION

DFUSION range,
the most powerful solution




Gama DFUSION: Video Análisis Perimetral