Seguridad Perimetral en Prisiones
Seguridad Perimetral en Prisiones


Videovigilancia 24/7 tiempo real

Round-the-clock video surveillance

Reducción Falsas Alarmas

Fewer false alarms

Personalización de alertas

Customisable alerts

Perimeter Security for Prisons

Prisons and correctional facilities present plenty of challenges in designing strategies and technologies for maximum protection and security. Numerous layers of security are needed to protect these critical infrastructures and ensure the well-being and safety of correctional officers, inmates and visitors. For example, an around-the-clock video camera surveillance system is an integral part of prison security measures, preventing real-time invasions, discouraging rule-breaking (anti-riot and inmate violence protocols), and detecting attempted escapes.

Our video analytics technology meets the highest security standards required by all types of complex, critical infrastructures. Our artificial intelligence-based systems use deep learning algorithms to detect people and objects at even long distances in even demanding environmental conditions.

Apariencia y Movimiento

Appearance and Movement

Our video analytics systems combine the appearance and movement of images for accurate detection to minimise false alarms and prevent prison escapes.

Imágenes en tiempo real

Real-time images

Control centres can access real-time images captured by CCTV cameras to verify alarms and activate protocols and deterrents.

Total integración

Total integration

Our video analytics systems integrate seamlessly with all types of alarm management software programmes such as CMS, VMS, and PSIM, for creating comprehensive strategies that include alarms and CCTV intruder evaluations.

Máxima adaptación al entorno

Images: more and better

Our precise video analytics technology continuously analyses large quantities of images per second, even when adverse weather conditions interfere with image quality.

Seguridad Perimetral en Prisiones con Vídeo Análisis

Keeping tabs on people and objects

Prison security systems must track everybody and everything entering and leaving the facility and raise the alarm whenever people and objects are detected close to perimeter fences. Smart analytics can extend surveillance coverage to so-called “buffer zones”, where outdoor security systems in difficult surroundings need to cope with poor lighting and attempts at tampering.

Tailor-made for difficult environments

Our DFUSION video analytics solution adapts to tricky sites to ensure efficiency and precision on complex premises exposed to the elements. In addition, DAVANTIS technology allows sensitivity adjustments to fit the specific features of each facility. We also have an anti-tampering alert system based on deep learning to deal with any attempts to vandalise security equipment.

Vigilancia de personas y objetos
Detección en tiempo real

Real-time Detection

Critical facilities require efficient, around the clock analysis. Our systems allow control centres to check alarms in real-time via images from the CCTV cameras installed on the site. In addition, DAVANTIS video analytics integrates with all CMS, VMS, and PSIM, streamlining alarm management for security personnel.

Certificado por el CPNI

CPNI Certification

Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure