04 Oct 2022

The Power of Intelligent Video Analytics in Perimeter Security Solutions

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Artificial intelligence is here to stay, particularly in the technology sector. Every day we read articles about AI and the new technologies reaching the market, but what impact does artificial intelligence have on video analytics? What exactly is an intelligent video analytics system? This article sets out to answer all your questions. Take note!

What is artificial intelligence video surveillance?

AI video analytics uses artificial intelligence to analyse video images to extract useful information and insights to create automated rules based on behaviour.

Video monitoring combined with AI is suitable for many sites, including security, surveillance, marketing, and customer services.

This smart technology helps companies and organisations streamline their operations and make better decisions to achieve high efficiency and precision standards.

But smart video analytics is useful for more than operational aspects. For example, intelligent video analytics can detect and track objects or people in a video. This function is key in CCTV camera surveillance systems, making it a booming field with enormous potential.

Some advantages of using smart video perimeter intrusion detection systems

When it comes to security, artificial intelligence offers great advantages in terms of precision, effectiveness, costs and image processing times, thanks to the nature of self-learning. Here are some examples:

More security: intelligent security analytics has become the best option to identify potential security threats and intrusions in unauthorised and monitored areas. It is a reliable technology that alerts security teams of possible risks and threats in real-time.

Improved situational awareness: by constantly monitoring activity around a perimeter, security personnel can gain a better understanding of what is happening in their environment and make better decisions about how to respond to potential threats.

Quicker response times: by automatically detecting and alerting security personnel to potential threats, intelligent video analytics can help to reduce response times to incidents.

Cost savings: automated video surveillance systems help reduce the need for security guards. This reduces costs for companies and organisations. What’s more, the technology used by smart video analytics perimeter security systems gives superior coverage to other protective systems that require extensive cabling, fences, sensors, etc.

Improved security: intelligent video analytics can help to improve the overall security of a perimeter by providing a more comprehensive and effective security system.

At DAVANTIS, we are experts in video analytics with a specialised focus on perimeter intrusion detection systems. We have a professional R&D and Vision team that develops new artificial intelligence functions every day, perfecting our detection and analytics systems to achieve higher standards of precision and efficiency. Thanks to our Deep Learning algorithms, our solutions have been endorsed and certified for perimeter protection for all types of critical infrastructures.

For practical advice on how to leverage DFUSION’s powerful AI video analytics systems, reduce costs, and make the most of your existing perimeter security system, contact us now!



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