07 Dec 2021

Overcome the challenges of perimeter security in critical infrastructures

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Perimeter security in critical infrastructures entails resolving a series of challenges efficiently and responsibly when designing a CCTV video surveillance system. Video analytics is the technology of choice for controlling the perimeters of critical infrastructures. They offer unrivalled accuracy, quickly detecting intruders and tampering, and protocols to trigger deterrent measures can be configured to keep unwanted visitors out of highly critical sites.

All perimeter security systems are intended to protect people and property by keeping intruders out. Perimeter protection systems are sometimes designed with “layers” of security and defensive measures to delay, dissuade and detect unwanted visitors. Technological solutions like DFUSION video analytics have made it possible to exceed the high perimeter security standards required by critical infrastructures using smart, deep-learning-based technology. The system has been certified by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) in the United Kingdom.

Critical infrastructures such as military bases, prisons, airports, transport systems, power plants, etc., face different perimeter security challenges, including:

  • Triggering of false alarms leading to unnecessary protocol activation costs. DAVANTIS solutions drastically reduce false alarms without missing breaches.
  • Need for early detection over long distances to trigger any deterrents. Our video analytics solutions can detect very small objects at long distances, reducing the risk of non-detections that can be a major security problem for critical infrastructure.
  • Total adaptation to the environment to ensure efficiency and precision in complex environments exposed to climate changes, etc.DAVANTIS has developed technological enhancements to provide greater clarity and sharpness in image capture, such as our AI + fine-tuning functionality that provides sensitivity filters according to the particular conditions of the CCTV installation.
  • A 100% reliable system that detects sabotage and technical alarms from CCTV cameras to strengthen any weaknesses in the security system.
    The security installations integrated with our video analytics systems have algorithms based on deep learning for sabotage detection, ensuring that technical alarms are triggered as soon as a fault is detected.
  • Configuration of selective alerts to provide an effective response to key surveillance and protection points.
    With DAVANTIS systems, it is possible to design the ideal installation to cover your perimeter needs freely.
  • Protection and cybersecurity aspects of technological security systems are vital, which is why a reliable security provider is essential.
    Since 2005, we have specialised entirely in perimeter protection, supplying smart security solutions for critical facilities.
  • The combination of appearance and motion enables our video analysis solution to detect small objects even over long distances.
    It also analyses a large number of images per second uninterruptedly, maximising its accuracy.
  • Real-time access to images comprehensive site monitoring and surveillance.

Critical infrastructures enable society to function without disruption.

Video surveillance systems supervise and certify that all security protocols are followed. DAVANTIS has developed solutions that guarantee total integration and compatibility with CRA and PSIM control centres and all hardware manufacturers.

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