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High-security perimeter protection

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Video surveillance with no blind zones

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Integration with CMS and PSIM

Perimeter Security for Power Plants

Energy storage, production and generation plants (nuclear, electricity and gas) require the highest security standards as they are exposed to threats such as theft, vandalism or even terrorist attacks that can endanger supplies to the population. These facilities require a perimeter protection strategies that combine technologies with a video analytics system to deal with intruders immediately.

Case studies

Caso Éxito Perimetral Petrolera Equinor
Cuadro Electricas
caso repsol
Casos de Éxito: Vídeo Análisis y Seguridad Perimetral
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Total PSIM integration

Our video analytics systems integrate with most alarm management software, VMS and PSIM to meet strict security standards. In addition, our critical security control solutions unify systems and automate security protocols.


Blind Zones

Proper CCTV camera configuration combined with our deep-learning-based video analytics systems makes it possible to protect large areas and avoid any “blind” or “dead zones” for faster, more efficient detection.

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Appearance and Movement

Our video analytics systems combine the appearance and movement of images for accurate detection to minimise false alarms and prevent prison escapes.

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Real-time images

Our perimeter intrusion control software gives access to real-time images captured by the CCTV cameras so that security staff can verify alarms and activate protocols and deterrents, send out patrols and call law enforcement, etc.

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Protect long distances with minimum resources

When protecting such large distances where vandalism can cause losses running into the millions, advanced perimeter security is essential to guarantee efficiency standards. Our intelligent video analytics solutions have become the best option for early detection of intruders and triggering real alarms while filtering out false positives.

Tailormade for the environment

Our smart video analytics systems are based on deep learning to ensure total adaptation to the outdoors, ensuring efficiency and precision in complex settings, such as irregular perimeters, blind zones and adverse weather conditions.

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Cuadro Electricas

Constant real-time day and night video monitoring

CCTV control and supervision is a priority. Our video analytics systems integrate with all alarm management platforms to manage incidents in real-time, keeping unwanted visitors out and dealing with security risks.

Real detections

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DFUSION · Perimeter Security: Heavy rain? Poor lighting?
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DFUSION · Intruder Detection long distances daylight
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Detection Person at Industrial Warehouse during night
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Intruder Detection in the night with Street Lights
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Real Detection Person Jumping Fence at Night with Street Lights
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Real Detection Person at Residential Propiety with Infrared Lighting Night