Vídeo Análisis en Aparcamientos y Concesionarios
Seguridad Perimetral en Aparcamientos

Parking lots / Dealerships

Personalización de alertas

Access control for employees

Videovigilancia contínua sin zonas ciegas

Video surveillance with no blind areas

Integración CRAs, PSIM y VMS

Integration with CMS and PSIM

Perimeter Security for parking lots

Car and lorry parks and dealerships require intelligent perimeter security systems to detect break-ins and trespassers and stop damage and theft of vehicles. Based on business hours and flows of workers and vehicles entering and leaving, video analysis technology is essential for setting suitably flexible alarm triggers. DFUSION is an optimal solution for monitoring the ebb and flow of staff to ensure maximum accuracy, versatility and a spectacular reduction of false alarms.

Case studies

Caso Éxito Concesionario Superwagen
Caso de Éxito Tradisa
TradisaVehicle logistics
Casos de Éxito: Vídeo Análisis y Seguridad Perimetral
Elementos disuasorios


Our video analytics systems are 100% compatible with hardware deterrents such as IP spotlights and speakers to maximise protection and reduce operating costs.

Integración CRAs, PSIM y VMS

Total Integration

Real-time access to images and alerts is key. Our video analytics technology integrates with all types of alarm management software, VMS and PSIM to ensure maximum efficiency.

Precisión de detección

Access module

Video analysis systems can be configured to allow different output and input times to adapt to each company’s internal rhythms while optimising costs.

Videovigilancia contínua sin zonas ciegas

Blind spots

Our video analysis solutions cover extensive areas avoiding “blind spots” and “dead zones” by harnessing AI deep learning technology. As a result, early intruder detection and reduction of false alarms are guaranteed.

Gama DFUSION: Video Análisis Perimetral DFUSION

DFUSION range,
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Gama DFUSION: Video Análisis Perimetral