Vídeo Análisis Perimetral en Viviendas Residenciales
Seguridad Perimetral en Propiedades Residenciales


Adaptación al entorno

Ideal for all kinds of surroundings

Videovigilancia contínua 24/7

24/7 video surveillance

Integración CRAs, PSIM y VMS

Integrated with CMS, VMS and PSIM

Perimeter Security for Residential Properties

Ensuring perimeter security of homes, residential complexes and condominiums is a priority for video surveillance companies and alarm reception centres. The main commitment to householders is to ensure that their families and property are safe and to protect the home from trespassers and vandals. The outer perimeter is the first focus of attention, so the main objective is that when potential intruders come along, they cannot penetrate the perimeter and are quickly deterred. As a result, video analytics is the perfect solution to give home-owners the most effective system for detecting intruders quickly without bothering them with unnecessary false alarms.

Case studies

Cape TownLuxury homes
Caso de Éxito Jesús Calleja
Jesús CallejaResidential
Casos de Éxito: Vídeo Análisis y Seguridad Perimetral
Cero falsas alarmas para el cliente final

Zero false alarms for householders

Thanks to our ClickThru verification process, CMS always know what has triggered the alarm and can react in seconds, launching protocols and deterrents.

Integración CRAs, PSIM y VMS

CMS Integration

To streamline the activation of security protocols and give real-time access to images, our video analytics solutions integrate seamlessly with all types of alarm management platform such as CMS, VMS and PSIM.

Un entorno cambiante

A changing environment

DFUSION adapts to the most changing environments typical of homes such as obstruction by plants and trees, outdoor furniture (parasols, chairs, plant pots), insects, vehicle headlights, etc. ensuring maximum detection.

Alertas selectivas

Selective alerts

Our technology gives you total freedom to design all types of systems to cover the perimeter needs of each project, including configuring selective alerts to give an effective response to the key points of surveillance and protection.

Gama DFUSION: Video Análisis Perimetral DFUSION

DFUSION range,
the most powerful solution




Gama DFUSION: Video Análisis Perimetral