Seguridad Perimetral en Redes Transporte Público
Seguridad Perimetral en Redes Transporte Público


Cero falsas alarmas para el cliente final

Early detection of people and objects

Integración CRAs, PSIM y VMS

CMS, PSIM and VMS Integration

Cobertura largas distancias a bajo coste

Long-distance, low-cost coverage

Perimeter Security for Public Transport Networks

Graffiti, theft, vandalism, and terrorist attacks are among the greatest threats to public transport networks. All these critical infrastructures – such as tunnels, railway lines, stations and parking facilities – are susceptible to numerous threats that can endanger the proper functioning of communications and mobility, with a negative impact on the entire population. Fortunately, technological systems for perimeter security such as video analysis are excellent options for giving total protection and ensuring early detection of trespassers and suspicious objects for a drastic reduction of false alarms.

Case studies

Caso de Éxito Eurotunnel
EurotunnelTunnel France-United Kingdom
Caso de Éxito RENFE
RenfeRailway operator
Casos de Éxito: Vídeo Análisis y Seguridad Perimetral
Amplia cobertura, bajo coste

Wide coverage, low cost

The enormous distances requiring protection make protection a challenge. Video analytics is the most cost-effective, accurate solution for protecting outdoor perimeters, achieving greater coverage and efficiency than any other physical protection system.

Integración CRAs, PSIM y VMS

CMS, PSIM and VMS Integration

We are compatible with all management platforms, increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs. In addition, our systems give real-time access to images, allowing Control Centres to manage events quickly.

Apariencia y Movimiento

Accuracy detecting objects

DFUSION detects tiny objects at long distances, reducing the risk of intruders slipping through the net to commit crimes.

Máxima adaptación al entorno

Adapts to the surroundings

Video surveillance systems are installed outdoors to protect difficult perimeters where they are also exposed to all types of weather conditions. Our solutions adapt your systems to the specific requirements of each area to protect.

Site Planning Tool

Design your perimeter security projects easy and free