04 Dec 2019

Bodega 4 Rayas chooses DAVANTIS for its perimeter security

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DAVANTIS would like to share details of the recent implementation of our perimeter security solution in the wine production sector. In this case we are protecting Bodega 4 Rayas, an organisation that dates to 1935.

Bodega 4 Rayas is the largest bottled wine producer in the Rueda Designation of Origin. The nature of the business means that it needs protection from thieves and intruders who may endanger the production process. After analysing our client’s specific needs, we offered them the video analytics system best suited to the requirements of their facilities.

DAVANTIS video analytics for perimeter protection in the wine sector

ALARCYL Security Systems was recruited to implement our video analysis system after a detailed audit. The flexibility and scalability of our equipment made it possible to combine Daview S and Daview LR channels, which are compatible with all camera manufacturers. A total of 24 channels were installed to protect the entire premises.

The video surveillance system is connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for efficient alarm verification and intervention in seconds with our ClickThruTM technology. With just three clicks, operators get a snapshot of the alarm, a video of the moment when the incident was detected and even real-time camera access.

Equipped with this perimeter security solution, the winery is well protected and swift action can be taken in case of an incident. Read the full article for more details.




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