19 Jun 2024

New DFUSION functionalities improve Perimeter Security

Funcionalidades DFUSION

At DAVANTIS, we are committed to efficiency and precision. That’s why our Vision and AI team is invested in creating new functionalities and modules to make our DFUSION video analysis technology solution more accurate than ever. What are we looking for? We want to anticipate the needs of the perimeter security sector and provide an effective response to potential problems and challenges that installers share with our support team.
This is a constantly evolving challenge, where technology must adapt to all environments and projects, making every perimeter security system a cost-effective, robust, and scalable solution. We have enjoyed great success in this respect and recently launched four functionalities that represent a watershed in the management of CCTV video surveillance systems. We want to share them in this article. Ready? These are the new DFUSION functionalities!

DFUSION Functionalities, your best ally in perimeter security

We developed our video analytics solution to improve perimeter security using advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This smart technology delivers highly accurate early intrusion detection and real-time analysis of security events, adapting to diverse environments and projects. With superior effectiveness and DFUSION functionalities, our system guarantees a drastic reduction of false alarms, improving the profitability and efficiency of any perimeter CCTV system.


Threat Levels

Threat Levels: configure and activate sensitivity profiles in DFUSION

Use the Threat Level module to define up to four sensitivity profiles for threat management with DFUSION equipment. These profiles are triggered externally to reconfigure all cameras simultaneously. Each intrusion is analysed according to the level of threat established. Threat Levels is an innovative feature for real-time intrusion management. Security teams in the control room can use the function to adjust settings according to the risk level at any given time. Now, it’s easy to respond automatically and effectively to on-site threats in real time!

What can you do with this functionality?

  • Activate different risk-defined detection profiles
  • Adjust sensitivity levels with a click
  • It integrates seamlessly into your existing installation’s security protocols
  • Change sensitivity levels for the entire system or specific groups of CCTV cameras
  • Modify threat levels from external systems such as VMS, CMS, and PSIM workflows

Maps in Action

Maps in Action: Monitor your CCTV cameras in real time

This module is optimal for real-time monitoring of the activity of your perimeter video analysis system from a map. Maps in Action is a live Video Wall tool that offers real-time visual information about events. The module locates all CCTV cameras on the site within a map, giving you a simple, live overview of the cameras that generate alarms. This gives surveillance and security teams immediate access and details of the location where an intruder is detected, making it easy to manage each incident individually.

What can you do with this functionality?

  • Position your cameras on a map, such as Google Maps
  • When a CCTV camera detects something, you can identify which camera it is and where it is on the map
  • Observe live images of that camera on the map
  • Monitor your CCTV cameras on your maps from anywhere, at any time: straight from the video tool, from a remote alarm centre or your VMS or PSIM


DFUSION Alarms: The revolution in alarm management

The integration of new tools in the receiving plants can be a challenge. That’s why DAVANTIS has developed DFUSION Alarms to simplify this process. Now, CRA operators can easily integrate all kinds of systems to maximise the benefits of our intelligent video analytics system.

What can you do with this functionality?

  • Just click to configure deterrent measures
  • Use the ClickThruTM alarm verification process
  • Monitor and access all CCTV cameras in real time
  • Get a simple display of alarms in list format


ATKPRO: following in the footsteps of the intruder

This optional DFUSION module automatically follows the intruder when he exits the fixed camera’s field of view. The Smart PTZ function positions the PTZ camera at the detection point, and when the camera is in position, ATKPRO comes into action. How? This automatic tracking module takes control and follows intruders as they move around while sending an alarm video to the Control Centre for additional verification.

What can you do with this functionality?

  • Get an enlarged image of the security gap
  • Improve the alarm verification process
  • Expand the coverage area of intrusion detectionIt’s true! DFUSION is a key technology for any site that requires an advanced, reliable and adaptable perimeter security solution. Its continuous evolution and improvement ensure that it will always be at the forefront of security technology. Try the new DFUSION functionalities and boost your perimeter security system! Want to talk about it?
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