20 Jun 2024

Forget false alarms and false negatives with video analytics

False positives

False negatives and false alarms are a major problem in the perimeter security sector. Not only are they a source of inconvenience and stress to security professionals, but they also waste resources by response and incident management teams. All this costs money. The truth is that around 76% of alarms are false alarms. They are triggered by animals, objects blowing in the wind, pets, leaves or branches, and other causes that are not intruders. How can you reduce these false positives?

False alarm management must be tackled responsibly. Some systems filter alarms, but not in real-time. Technical alarms and non-detection gaps are problems. When it comes to fencing safety, it is important to have precise, high-tech protection systems as your first line of defence and protection. Which is the most suitable intrusion detection technology? The answer is intelligent video analytics (AI).

Falsas alarmas


False alarms vs false negatives

A lot is said about false alarms in perimeter security, but what are they, and how are they different from false negatives? False alarms occur when a security system detects a threat that does not actually exist. These false alarms have many causes:

  • Movements of small animals or pets that activate motion sensors
  • Leaves, branches and shadows moved by the wind can be misinterpreted as intruders
  • Electromagnetic interference from electronic equipment that can trigger alarms
  • Simple human error caused by misuse or configuration faults in security systems

All of these can trigger false alarms, incur unnecessary expenses, and cause headaches for owners and alarm management operators.

When we talk about false negatives, we are talking about a real threat that the security system misses. That is, a non-detection. False negatives are dangerous because they are real intrusions not detected by security systems. Causes of false negatives include:

  • Defective or badly calibrated sensors that fail to detect suspicious movements or behaviour
  • Physical obstacles that block the field of view of cameras or sensors that prevent the correct detection of intrusions
  • Dense fog, extreme darkness or heavy rain can reduce the efficiency of the sensors
  • Outdated or low-quality security systems that are too imprecise to detect certain intrusions and cannot cope with complex conditions.
  • Ineffective filtering algorithms can rule out real threats by considering them false positives.
  • Technical alarms related to problems affecting cameras or sensors or sabotage that cause missed detections.

False negatives are a critical risk because they allow real intrusions to go unnoticed, threatening the security of the premises and endangering goods and people.


DFUSION Video Analytics

Vídeo Análisis Inteligente, la clave contra todo lo “Falso”

To combat both false alarms and false negatives, it is essential to invest in advanced technologies and highly accurate, reliable video analytics solutions. Using video analytics systems like DFUSION guarantees an immediate and accurate response by giving real-time access to alarm images. Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms and the dual detection engine of our technology, it is possible to achieve more accurate detection and reduce false alarms and false positives.

What is the secret to DFUSION? Real-time verification of alarms is an essential component of modern security systems. This approach offers multiple advantages that significantly improve effectiveness and accuracy in threat detection and incident management. By analysing images and data when the alarm is generated, it is possible to determine if the event is a real threat or has been caused by other harmless factors such as animals, weather conditions or non-suspicious movements.

By reducing false alarms and improving threat detection accuracy, the need for unnecessary personnel and response team deployments is reduced. This not only saves operational costs but also leaves resources free to deal with situations that really require attention.

On the other hand, our intelligent video analytics solution offers advanced modules and functionalities that learn and adapt continuously, improving accuracy over time and providing an additional layer of security through predictive analytics and suspicious pattern detection.

Effective management of false alarms and false negatives

Intelligent video analytics with real-time verification and advanced detection capabilities are the key to fighting false alarms and false negatives. Investing in intelligent video analytics technologies like DFUSION not only improves the accuracy and efficiency of security systems but also optimises resource usage and ensures robust, reliable protection.



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